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On the most important relationships in our lives this episode of review he'll is about win those relationships come up against us immigration policy will hear from families and children caught in a system with shifting rules and from those in charge of enforcing those rules on the ground we start in los angeles county it's late august just after 5 o'clock in the morning the inky black sky mirrors the dark storefronts of a strip mall in the parking lot more than a half dozen immigration agents and bulletproof vests huddle for a briefing what he thought were important a 33yearold natural clarke of this review are therefore required fruitful reckless driving agents from immigration and customs enforcement or ice have been staking out the homes of convicted felons who were in the us legally the agents planned to arrest them when they meet their homes over fruit on the facts the legal walmart there will be a 21yearold mexican national rift from earlier this year furthermore the people on today's lists have criminal convictions for drunk driving sexual battery and done possession if the agents are able to make arrests ice will start their deportation proceedings right away colin trevorrow operations like this attract media attention and create anxiety for emigrants ice arrests of criminals and noncriminals are up thirty five percent since donald trump became president they've happened at restaurants courthouses and sometimes like these early in the morning outside an immigrants home mm reveals bernice young has been investigating the administration's crackdown on immigration and went along on a recent ice raith i write shotgun next to jorges field who helps run what ice calls its enforcement and removal operations in los angeles they are in the city of the former in aceh fernando vellon it's more of fees city los angeles poor hey is in his fifty's he's got salt and pepper hair and a goatee like the other agents he sports a navy blue bulletproof vest with the words ice and police in big block letters off we park around the corner from the suspect's home i grew up in a neighborhood like this in a predominantly hispanic neighborhood to him these arrests are about protecting public safety and respecting the law offer generational american on my dad came to this country so it's not something we don't understand the reasons behind why they come on their shows the process and.

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