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Put twenty years. No. You. Source seven twenty s. Beginning. Forgiving. Senior hobby Greenwich. Benjamin. Everywhere. I go. Tim. Utah snow in the front. The house was a big plus. Congratulations. It's not a. Because I got. Last call touchdown. Uh-huh. Doc. Joe? Omitted? Op. Up. Her. New home for hip, hop big age elite from the breakfast club the neighborhood and once Kansas. Welcome to the neighborhood. Love your studio, by the way, nicer than I. Watch out. Stop it. I mean is this. All right. You know what I'm saying? We we made sure we try to get like a cornering. That's good real estate. Yes. Yeah. This early nice to talk to these people. She got her notes in front of her. Okay. To all morning. I'll pick one Bank. The hell is going on already. Now, the college scandal this has been a lot now. Laurie Lackland so her daughters by go to USC turns out they donated like five hundred thousand dollars in the scandal to get her kids in this school. They were supposed to be members of the crew or whatever. I don't either row. Probably got a bitter row in career. They've never knew. You.

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