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And robinson now we've been hearing a lot in the news about the nerve agent used to poison of former russian spy in the uk but what does it actually do to the body and we'll have the answers before the children living with parents who have a serious mental health problem some end up caring for their parents and for younger siblings often with very little formal support many a told nothing about what's going on left in the dark us to what's the matter with their mother or father or how the family might be affected we wanted to find out more about how they cope and how they can be helped in the uk a charity called the kids time foundation he's doing its bit running workshops for groups of families where the children get together to create plays about their situation and perform them for their parents the idea is to help all of them to talk more open only about what's going on it was started by family psychiatrist alan cookman and he joined me in the studio along with twelve year old keira and twenty three year old and bear with my mom has symptoms changed every single time share absurd but the main symptoms that she did show was shoot stop talking to yourself would be a different language so we wouldn't understand what you're saying the way she would act would be different shoot not sleep at all so she wouldn't sleep for days i started realizing that there was something wrong with her when she gave birth twenty brother so i was eight at the time and i remember my mom being taken towards portal didn't know what was going on she started having an episode quite frequently everything that i remembered before about her i just forgotten so i was just used to having l yeah we didn't really have a relationship with my mom and was that in itself was quite difficult because when we were in school everyone will be going out the moms or going shopping with their moms and stuff nassar something that i didn't experience being able to do without was quite difficult us to after sushi having psychotic website's yeah all the time and no one really told me about what was going on and then it was only when i go into your seven the teacher called me out and said where allocating a social worker.

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