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I i really am always drawn to things that look like anybody could do them. Where you think could have made that. I fucking didn't. Why didn't i part i. I don't know if you have this feeling. But part of the feeling of one of the feelings. I always have tells me something is great is kind of anger that i didn't do it but i stand i do. I am so thankful when something that i liked that. I didn't make because it's so exciting. It's like wow often. I make things more out of the need for them to exist. Yes that's exactly right. I want this music to exist. The only reason. I make music. The reason i got into this line of work was because i was experiencing hip hop music and the records that were being made didn't reflect what it actually was. My my earliest was really just documenting. Something that i was already a fan of and it just didn't exist in the world. So i didn't really have a choice So what. I do here. Something that i like i get. I get very excited. Because i'm always looking for something. That feels like a new way in he. S what you said. There is something that. I've often thought that the things that influenced me most in terms of actually making things the things that i hear that don't quite succeed where i listened to them and i think that's a brilliant idea and do you know what if they had done this and that and this other thing and left that bit out there would be even better so quite often. When i'm thinking like that about something. I realized that i'm i'm inventing something new. Which isn't that thing. But isn't something that i really had thought about before either so it's quite often hearing something just missing the mark that makes me think that could be better. That's been an important thread for me defined that if you look back the most interesting things have hit you that way when i hear something or see something you you don't know whether you like it or not or maybe it makes you laugh or it seems ridiculous or Yes but then you come around to loving it or maybe loving at the most. Yes yes yes absolutely i. I really admired the who. I loved the my generation and things like that and then they they released a song called jack. I thought they shouldn't release lightweight. Material like this they are a serious revolutionary radical band. What are they doing. Releasing this kind of material. And i even wrote to pete. Townsend say you shouldn't be stuff like this except you're much too important or something to that effect and it was about three or four months later that i suddenly got it that this was a kind of part. So that's one example of something. Where i i had a real change of mind and i've had more of those in in painting than in music in music..

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