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And hold on tight as I beam your ears all the way to San Francisco, so we can speak weighed Suheil Sony, co-founder Ennio. So massive world. Welcome to the show K tell the listeners about who you are. And what you do. Absolutely. Thank you so much for having me on this show. Well, let me let me talk on the personal friend, and then I can tell you about what I do. I I live in the US I immigrated here from India, and I'm being here for on twenty is and I reside with my wife, and so can Vati and then on what I do. I'm the co founder of Allio, which is a high growth startup in recruiting technology. And now, we are I think now enough full otehr prior to this. I had a job in management consulting with McKinsey and company before that I had another startup which was also you quickly fun. And prior to that I got my PHD in engineering, which is what brought me to the US in the first place. Fantastic. Now, full no research on you guys. I quickly discovered. The Elliott is an end to end aaagh recruiter that makes your recruiting delightful. Deficient with intelligent, automated and conversational engagement fear. Texting? So I've got to ask what is the role of artificial intelligence, and what advantages does it help you offer the recruiting solutions outlined you've done. Good research. I think that's a fantastic summary. In fact, I think it took us it took us several months summaries. Thanks for doing that Tago research. I think I think two roles to do advantages. So for for a one is it makes it more conversational and second of the feedback in the morning writes, a traditional software has offered primarily just automation. And what we're doing now is with the use of AI, which includes your NLP and machine learning the NFL peop- are allows for making the same automation more engaging conversation. So it ends up being one Mendy ace in Kronos conversation like you would have with the human. As opposed to going through a software form and filling that up in a dedicated session. That's the first part of it. And then the second part of it has again trying to mimic the human brain. But far from that at current state is the learning aspect of it, which is using a and this time machine learning is how can you use the memory and the right management mathematical statistics to make sure it learns about the system in imbibing the knowledge just like humans do as they become more expedience and using that to make smarter decisions going forward. And so it's those two aspects that make it may unique make way at vantage is- over tradition systems, and for my understanding the technology behind you Elliott, utilizes deep flow conversational AI to handle those complex and persistent multi-step workflows which can be incredibly cumbersome to if we do have any recruiters listening. Can you just talk me through exactly how? It works and how the algorithms can actually predict candidate quality based on that interaction with the system. Absolutely. And I think this is this is the best part. Of addition give you the full picture on how it comes in practice. So first and foremost, Leo would go and read all the job Rex to these your job post on the cardio website. And it tries to understand what's the job title. What's the location, and what are the basic requirements from the job for the job? Both from the job bracket anything in the app to contracting system, ending internal systems with that knowledge. That's now being imparted into Allio. It starts talking with applicants to understand what kind of jobs, do they want and show them relevant jobs and add as a third step. It begins to screen those applicants for the job that they chosen based on the basic requirements that Allio has learned has a footstep then goes forward and for those who have qualified. Based on those basic requirements. How you would go ahead and even schedule interviews with the hiding team members Beatrice crew has be hiding managers and for those who do not qualify route time to other jobs or respectfully ask them to check back later. And then once those interviews a done deal continues based on the shooting process that that organization follows which could include extending offers doing background checks checking in with new hires to make sure they happy or find any areas of discontent. And in this way, Neil at basically going all the way from first learning order, the different job Rex northern requirements due to having deep conversations, which are very complicated and dynamic all the way from presenting relevant jobs, do screening them extending authors addio is able to offer this end to end automated recruiting the Truter that is able to provide these. Not step

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