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Sasha and held the drugs that killed her she hated needles she was found in a car in the parking lot of a seafood restaurant off I. ninety five the detective on the scene happened to be an old high school friend he told me that he thought she had probably used felt sleepy I needed to pull over I just wonder if you knew what was happening did you really just think she was going to take a little nap I don't want to have known it was happening I don't want to have been scared I'm going to be honest here am I going to be honest here maybe I don't want to believe that you deserve my empathy I don't want to look you in the eye because you may not look much different than my sister you may be sick getting to get high just to maintain some equilibrium you may have been a friend I may have even met you you may have caller such you may have loved her god help you if you left her to be fair my sister dealt to as I was writing this to you my husband offered me a gentle reminder of this fact it was mainly so she could use as long handed dissonance of traction in the back of our day book with people's initials how much the owner paid her how much she owed and paid in return is chump change really written a few times as me free drugs were her pay this is not high rolling dealing this was survival when my husband reminded me that my sister was dealing to I quickly defended her yeah but she never killed anyone he said again gently you don't know that I was stunned it's true I didn't know that the fact is she could have killed someone my worst fear when she was alive was that she would be driving around high and kill someone the idea for killing someone kept me up at night I often thought about having.

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