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Sure in moving to kicker which we don't use it recommend picking up a kicker but check four will lots and yes for map bryant whenever you got those by week guys you know you go through the waivers you don't even look at kickers because you just don't care maybe you've got a decent one you know you've got a guy on your team that's been okay so you stop looking at the weekly matchups you don't realize that guys like will lots of matt bryant were dropped because they were on by week begum up are less talk some quarterback streamers wool stream ahead i'll let you kick this one off ara look i hate it and i love it i hate going back to the well i feel like it's still would here's the thing about the well though the well is full of water pro life getting giving water why would you ever not want to go to the well be as i went to the well yesterday what guess what you want to stay alive your body want to wind buddies lakes what's 70 percent water you need the oil available in the majority of leagues despite the fact that the last four weeks the last month of games in six point per passing touchdowns he hasn't had less than twenty points in any of those matchups in fact the lowest yardage he's thrown was this past week with two hundred ninety one it's carson palmer who is going to be at home against tampa bay whose defense is just completely injured right now they're they're missing all of their most relevant pieces.

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