John Dowd, President Trump, Michael Flynn discussed on Opening Arguments


Yeah, without comedian, do we make it clear, the half to give it to us of their own will? But they're gonna give it to without no crimes. No, no, no crimes. No crimes. Yeah. It, it clearly sounds that way. And remember, this is a lawyer leaving of voicemail. Yes that to somebody who was cooperating with prosecutors. Right. So John would have to be and he's not, he's a smart guy have talked about, you know, the, the work he did in, in the Pete Rose investigation. Right. Like he's a super smart guy who's been lawyering for three times as long as I've been alive. And so he he's not gonna do the like. We're in, you know, in I'm craze on the no he's not gonna do that, and the Muller report. Let's go back to it. The surrounding testimony after that voicemail was left is what's really, really damning here, and it didn't change. So this is now. What Flynn through his council told Muller. Right. They got the voicemail and again, the voicemail is allied in one two, three four five six places right? Then it says the next day Flims attorneys, Ken, my, my buddy rub Kellner return, the call from the president's personal counsel to acknowledge receipt of the voicemail, Lindh's attorneys reiterated that they were no longer in a position to share information under any sort of privilege, according to Flynn's attorneys, the president's personal council was indignant and vocal in his disagreement. The president's personal counsel counsel, said that he interpreted what they said to him as a reflection of Flynn's hostility towards the president, and that he planned to inform. His client, that is the president of the United States. Donald J Trump of that interpretation Lindh's attorneys understood that statement to be an attempt to make them reconsider their position because the president's personal council believe that Flynn would be disturbed to know that such a message would be conveyed to the president. That was very convoluted. Could you give us the Andrew yell? So the Andrew is. Covington. Burling gets this voicemail. They talked to Michael Flynn, they say holy clown horn. The president's lawyer just called me and said, can we commit some crimes here? Right. I've gotta look, I'm sorry. I've got to call back and say, no look, we're withdrawing from the joint defense agreement. We're talking to ask, you know, I can't talk to you about any of this. Even if you've done the like, oh, it's patriotic for, you know, there could be a national security issue or other issue. I gotta do this. And then rub Kelner says I talked to John Dowd and John Dowd was angry. He said, I was indignant and vocal. That Dowd was indignant and vocal in his.

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