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Your hardware star the golden gopher women four Minnesota Duluth one and given the shots on goal were forty four to nine. I don't think the game was that close for the one. The BULLDOGS scored the first goal. Gabby Hughes at seven twenty of the first period. And then Minnesota rattled off four straight one in the first two in the second and an empty netter in the third that empty netter netter was sparked by Nicole Campbell per second of the two goals scored in the game. She has thirteen and fourteen now on the season grace some wiggle scored a power play goal per twenty four. And now they will go to the championship game tomorrow against either -sconsin or Ohio State forty four to nine off game. I can't imagine how good that Duluth goalie was because allows goals into an empty net. That's just an incredible. Former spy her. That's Maddy Maddy Rooney Rudy. Yeah. Wow. What game she? Yeah. For canada. Wasn't a candidate. During the plank. But anyway, we want now you have me confused. I thought she was ours. Well, pars meaning the US. No. Okay. Folks, all confused. You back home here. Thoroughly sterling period of hockey by the golden gopher men manure three to nothing lead over Michigan with a three goals on fourteen shots. That's pretty good shooting percentage to well. We'll go back to some soundbites that we collected. Thanks to John Romo from the media part department at the men's athletics hair gathered the audio. So that we could do the edits for you. And for our broadcast this weekend. Let's go back to that. The media scrum. Back here. The first topic is why are the golden gophers ready for the playoffs? Well, boy, are we seeing that come to fruition. You know, I think I have to touch a couple of buttons here while we're ready to go, Dan. Are you ready here for us? So this is Tyler see why are the golden gophers ready for the playoffs? Our time. We're planner hockey the way that we want to be playing. He's had some ups analysis. Whereas, you know, the seasons has gone so far, but we've always talked about the entire years you've got to be peaking at that dinner year. So we're planning our confident our game. This is a confidence that we have seen. Come and go. Yeah. But this is the longest that we've seen it is. And that's something that the coaching staff has been talking with us about all season long. Like play one really good game. And then you have a bad one all sleep. But now, I mean, they've won four straight games. Six seven coming into this one today, and that is coming to fruition. Can you? I don't know if you're sensing theirs. But as I'm watching and just watching body language. I'm watching the way they're playing this game. They're really into this thing here tonight though this afternoon, they're they're they're very confident. They're poised for not running around is like there's no doubt in what they're going to do next. Now granted, I don't know. I don't think they got the back from Michigan that we kinda thought they would get from a team playing. Was some desperation the season may end today. But nonetheless, Minnesota took advantage of that played their best game made sure they'll fire them. All right. Let's talk a little bit about special teams, and for that will bring in Jack Ramsay, although it wasn't much factor in this period. Michigan had the only power play in the Minnesota penalty killers for doing what they've been doing for the better part of the year. Maybe more than that is extensively. Good penalty killing. Here's Jack Ramsay on special teams. I think our special teams are rolling pretty star. We got everything figured also. Yeah. You gotta play smart. Not take any stupid Pele's. Good to take. Special teams. Penalties might have been a little bit more of an issue in a rugged series against Arizona state. But I think what we're seeing here is a little bit more classic game. But I also see that the message has gotten through the entire lineup that if you're going to take a penalty as deck says it better be a hard one you better it better, be worthwhile. You'd better be in a scoring can't go take some as Moscow it'll take a selfish penalty. Mel Pearson said the same thing with your interview earlier too that he didn't.

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