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That's a good point. Let's talk about how are you able to keep swerved? I love that name. I love this. The first time I heard it stands out to me because obviously swerve it sounds cool, it's also a term in wrestling, swerving somebody's fooling somebody tricking somebody, kind of has a lot of cool connotations. Honestly, use the hip hop version of it. What's that? So it was like back in like, oh, 9 to ten? No, like 2010, yeah. Kanye, one of my favorite fan. From through and through. So hidden in the good music people had, they had a song come out and it was like mercy and big Sean was like the hottest dude at the time. And he kept saying it. Lamborghini versus swart. And I'm like, yo, this is so smooth, and so fired, the way he says this. So I was like, my name is Stephan Strickland. And I was like, oh, I didn't like two syllables. I read your book years ago, so remember you're talking about the syllables with the name that you want to let Chris Jericho and Michaels, the stuff like that. So I was like, Shane Strickland. And I had a cat that ran away when I was younger, named Shane. So long story. Don't want to get into it. Got it. Sad, but so I swear, I was like, that fits really cool right in there. So like sugar Shane boxer. So I was like Shane swerve Strickland. Yeah. So but you use that because you had it pre WWE then. And then you're able to use it after. They were really good with that with me. They were like, oh yeah, we signed this, we're leasing it to your leasing it to us, but it says, this doesn't work out, whatever, and you leave, you just right back to you. And I was like, okay, cool. So they liked swerve. We needed to do the name change. Sure, sure. So I went with Isaiah from Isaiah Rashad, one of my favorite artists and Travis Scott. And Isaiah swerve Scott. That's great. And they were like, we love it. It's cool. I met Travis Scott once and this is a true story. This is back when one of my favorites. Dating Rihanna. He was dating somebody like that. Somebody, I can't remember who it was exactly. And I met him through wall a. And this is not, this is not front and he couldn't speak. He was too nervous to meet. Really? Too nervous to meet me. And this was before he blew up. He did, I think he did the BET awards. Yeah, that week, and that was kind of the rodeo album then. Right. With the big truck? Yes. And that was kind of his big breakthrough, right? Yeah. So that was you. That weekend, he was like, oh, he's going to be huge Travis Scott. And he's like, hey man, I can't believe it's Chris Jericho man. Dude. So when we were in Orlando revolution revolution, my guy flashed in heck. I had met a couple of your guys. So heck, he's diddy's A&R, he meets the best artists in the world all the time. He flies to Dubai with Wayne on his private. Lil Wayne on his private jet. He was like, dog. I got chills meeting Tony con bro. Like, chills like, oh my God, you mean Chris Jericho, me and staying like, oh my God, like, I've got chills like, dude, you're like, these are icons, of course, in our industry, but you're the crazy icons in the music industry. But he's like, yo, yo, they cool and all, but these guys, man. Oh my God, man, thank you for this. It's just so funny to parallels. It's crazy. I would lose my mind, me and the Travis Scott. So let's start out you mentioned something that you came from a military background. I know you were actually in the military. So how did military which is.

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