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You can't fault him for not getting interception to keep that in mind <hes> let's see here. Steelers fan nineteen see steel curtain article on the steelers quarterback situation and no i did not <hes> land saying lance williams joe haden his his base salary is ten million. You have to give him that as a bonus team started a conversation. I said that that's what i said lance. I said that you have to get would give him a bonus all the money that he was do maybe a little bit more but i wanna drive down his two thousand nineteen cap number period. I'm trying to save cap space ace. If i'm the steelers doing this deal and if he wants a king's ransom i'm not gonna give it to them based on those previously mentioned factors. There's just the way it is is all right so isaac says. Would you be shocked. If the defense outshines the offense this season shocked no surprise yes there's varying degrees of shock and awe i guess and so i would not be shocked but i would be surprised i think the steelers offense is going to be pretty good so in that case if the steelers defense is better than i think steeler fans will be very very happy so there you have that steelers fan nineteenth says the steelers went anywhere from ten to thirteen games this year <hes> let's see here. <hes> alain says i will. I wanna post record. I'll just say this finish behind the the patriots and the chiefs in the a._f._c. They'd be playing in the wildcard game. According to that <hes> mark says jeff. Do you know of any other n._f._l. Teams of podcast websites as such as this show like the steelers do well. I can't say that every single n._f._l. Blog website for s._p. Nation vox media has a podcast platform that does not mean that they all live stream on youtube like we do i would say that we are actually one of the few websites that have a live and active youtube channel and also live active podcast platform and we are one of the few sites that will livestream 'cause a lot of people are not comfortable doing live audio. They want to be able to take audio. They make a mistake. They want us place it. This is live. This is me in my dining room with a bland background talking about the steelers with those loved the steals like i love the steelers for over thirty minutes edits and when it's the steelers preview or when it's standard is a standard of the steelers hangover when it's day on the steelers tacky lance on the i said it. All of us are going straight..

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