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I got married because I met a guy when I was seventeen and newly emancipated from my mother who gave me a sense of like normalcy and stability marriage to the idea of marriage. The idea of securing a family very early on was the complete opposite of what my mom did. And my because my mom got married when she was like twenty nine and like how to baby when she was thirty like that's not particularly old. But for me after she only had a family life for like two years, and then she never remarried or anything. So I wasn't ever provided with any kind of stability. And I met this guy who at the time presented himself stable and normal and like that mutated later on. But that's okay. Like as people change in time. That's okay, too. But but I really was grasping on. On for some kind of stability anywhere, especially coming from like, this is all public knowledge to like, I just paid myself, and my mom who is like like on. She was on one. And that was kind of like, and it was headlines everywhere. And she like she was like the kind of drug out. I was like a very like nobody knew I was drug because I was like my house by myself, like Courtney's, very loud, drug addict and likes to expose herself in that way. And like and her antics are sort of louder than mine. So when I stepped away from all of those antics, I was looking for the most normal thing, I could find and I actually I got engaged like a year after I met him, but we didn't get married for like five or six years. And at the point that we got married it was less about like wanting to get married, and we're about like we've been gauged for so long. This is what we should do, you know? So you moved to being addict are you in a twelve program? Yes. So I have the thing about the twelve step program. Specifically for me is that it provides a sense of structure. After that. That I don't it's it's almost like school. It's like my brain doesn't necessarily work in the normal confines of societal structure. So I have sober companions and people who are sober that I talk with and communicate with who who some do the twelve steps and some don't I I like to take certain aspects of this twelve keeping myself accountable channeling my fanatical addictive personality in tendencies into really healthy things and learning how to construct my life for a higher spiritual purpose, and like those are tools. I find really helpful what I don't necessarily find help for myself is attending meetings every single week because I have a free flowing understanding of communication with those who are sober in my life. So it was kind of like I have my own meeting setup just on independently. But you people to call on. Absolutely. Yeah. So what is what is your spiritual practice? My spiritual practices being connected to humanity. I'm secular humanist. But I'm also like I'm also somebody who feels like I feel uncomfortable giving my spirituality a definition or the the higher power that I refer to definition because I think that it's more complicated than being able to put it in one category. Right. So like the way my spiritual practice is having the capacity to sit with myself and feel the earth around me and feel the air around me and connect to whatever is bigger and louder and stronger than I am. And like, it's I don't think you need a specific setting a practice in order to tap into that knowledge it and appreciate it. What you will it knowledge is the practice right there. Just knowing it's there now, we're going go to break real quick. We've got Francis being Cobain with us. We'll be right back after this Robin Hood is an investing app that lets you buy and sell stocks ETF's options and cryptos all commission free yet commission free..

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