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Each week we take you beyond the headlines and help you understand what it all means for Israel, and the Jewish people I'm Stephie Cogan and I'm on Uber Sheer men. This week thousands of global Jewish advocates were supposed to have been in Berlin for the AJC Global Forum. Unfortunately, the pandemic had other plans, but we weren't just going to cancel our critical conference, so we took the global forum virtual all week. Thousands of people from around the world have been tuning in on AJC DOT ORG to watch high level addresses, intimate conversations and fierce debates over the future of Israel, America in Europe over the course of. Of this episode, we're going to bring you. Parts of those conversations Dr Anwar. Gosh is the United Arab Emirates Minister of State for Foreign Affairs this week. He joined the J. C. Virtual. Global Forum for conversation with his friend and our chief policy officer Jason Isaacson in doing so he became the highest level official from an Arab country without relations with Israel to publicly address an American Jewish audience. Let's listen in to some of that conversation now. I want to begin by thanking the distinguish minister, not only for taking the time to share his insights with AJC and our many thousands of guests on this virtual platform, but for the multiple times that he and his colleagues in the leadership of the UAE have met with AJC over the twenty plus years that we have been regularly traveling to his country in pursuit of regional peace and cooperation and understanding or meeting with government officials when they have visited the united. States Dr Guard Gosh. It's very good to see you again. Thank you, Jason. Thank you I'd like. Like to begin by thanking you for boosting need today and I that this would be opportunity for a frank and constructive discussion, which is much needed I want closer to take the opportunity to thank ag see for what has been quite remarkable bridge to the ridge. There has been an octave work that was done to numerous visits to all the countries of ragent, all the countries of the Gulf and I think this sort of visiting and understanding the food of Fiji sees..

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