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Wist would like the built in road to turn. The eurasian landmass into a zone with influence with china's interests are attended to. I think finally with china which is to be militarily is to have by decade's end the modernization of its military completed and to cause american military planners to conclude that within these station theater it would be too expensive for the united states to contemplate any open military action against the people's liberation army navy or air force. You know what you're describing seem so well thought through and not really aggressive and at least not in the sense that summoned the west and even in parts of asia tend to see and it's easy to forget that technically china hasn't gone to war since what nineteen seventy-nine it hasn't funded armed insurgents anywhere in the world since the early nineteen eighties. You can't say that about any other member of the un security council. China in its deep strategic. Culture does not have a big interest in. Let's call it formal. Colonial expansion along the lines of the european colonial powers from the sixteenth seventeenth eighteenth and nineteenth centuries. That's i think. The first point. I think the second is with china aspires to have in. The world is creating zones of economic influence of foreign policy influence to the point that china's coal national interest in values on no longer challenged by other individuals states or global institutions like the united nations human rights council for example geneva so for those who have a different will view in terms of the centrality. Although it's coal ups the liberal international rules based order incrementally put together by the united states since nine forty four. Forty five if you're an architect that order or code to that order then you will find a china challenge confronting indeed but that's different from as it were in your face military confrontation outside china's immediate peripheral areas at want to ask you about the elephant in the room and that's now former. Us president donald trump. What in your opinion did his. Very bald zero-sum approach to china due to this relationship. My own view is that the chinese would probably have preferred to see trump's reelection as a reason for that is because trump was such a giant wrecking bowl at work. Around the world. In eroding and corroding the pillars of american power in the world becoming for example the champion of global protectionism china to rape our country. And that's what they're doing. It's the president trump escalating his trade war just moments ago taking new aggressive action against china. The president furious at beijing for today imposing tariffs on seventy five billion dollars of american goods. And this evening. He fired right back with another tariff hike of his own. He owns america's longstanding history. All the support for free trade on top of that. A failure to embrace critical regional free trade agreements the trans-pacific partnership promised during his.

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