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About please in the back now and that other states governor Larry Hogan specifically said they seen a spike in people using disinfectant. After your comments last week I know you said they were Sarcasi- I can't imagine why I can't imagine why yeah. Responsibility Auburn Imagine. I can't imagine that. Yeah go ahead please for it and that was it and he just writes it off. I can't imagine why because you told them to do it. Even though you are a bumbling fool a complete Joe tarred thank you Kim Jong. Hoon for the word and a more on an idiot. You're also the president of the United States and there are a lot of people you know those poorly educated people that you like so much who listen to what you say yet. You take no responsibility. It doesn't work that way. You can't take no responsibility. So there was a a a an editorial printed the other day in the Irish Times. And you know I I call all over the world doing my quarantine calling. I like to know what people in other countries are thinking about. What's going on over here because I can just imagine right and now we have an insight. I wasn't going to read this because it's long but I reached out to the writer. A man named Fenton O'Toole and sadly I haven't heard back from him and so I am going to share this with you but before we get to this because it's going to Piss you off a little bit. Let's take care of some fun. I'd like to start the show with something funny because things are you know tend to get real during the course of the program and yeah so laughter's important medicine and we can all use more of these days so for the next couple of minutes anyway. We'll listen to a group that I've come to love. They're they're fairly new producing parody videos. On Youtube they go by the The name founders. Sing in this case. It's not a founder. Who's singing Well I'm turn remember who it was. Who who is doing the vocalizing too. I don't remember we'll just have to watch it to find out. Take it away founders. Sing.

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