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I'm ABC six meteorologist Phil Kelly. We'll see a mix of sun and clouds today getting warmer. We'll see a high of eighty four few clouds tonight. Still mild sixty seven lots of sunshine, injure workweek Fridays. High eighty-five weather powered by the basement doctor right now, we're looking at sixty six at Ohio State at sixty seven at your severe weather station. Newsradio six ten WTVN. The outer bands of Hurricane Flora to now brushing up against the Carolina coast NBC meteorologist Bill Cairns tells us things from here. You're only going to get worse. Hurricane force winds. Come onshore five PM this evening the right over the coast by about midnight. And then tomorrow morning there over the top of Wilmington National Hurricane Center. Puts the eye of the storm about two hundred miles east southeast of Wilmington, North Carolina and moving north westward packing. Winds of one hundred ten miles an hour on destructive storm surge will accompany the eye of the hurricane and coastal flooding. They say may persist through a number of high tides into the weekend at elite team of highly central. Ohio firefighters has headed North Carolina to offer assistance with hurricane members of the upper Siona regional water rescue team left Columbus for Raleigh North Carolina yesterday that groups made up of firefighters from six local agencies, and what's they arrived? They'll be deployed across the region to help water rescues where Florence is expected. The teams expected to return to Columbus before the weekend and a central Ohio among storm chasers in the hurricanes. Rigsby drove to Wilmington North Carolina from his home in Marysville. Going to actually be writing out this hurricane just across the street. There is a four story parking garage that I plan to ride this out in and it looks like storm surges gonna put quite a pounding on this area that I'm located in Rigsby rode out hurricane Harvey in Texas last year, he had problems then with a gasoline shortage Rigsby says he's been in Wilmington since Monday and has twenty gallons of extra fuel with him. Rigsby tells ABC six we'll be capturing as much of hurricane Florence power and fury as he can.

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