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Today's, fantastic honestly if it was done by, someone else I mean you wouldn't, have the same cachet it's the self proclaimed biggest sports award. Show the. Year, by the self-proclaimed. There's no other. And they get the biggest names to attend nobody watches yeah I used, to, I, didn't watch I just heard. Through. Twitter that they. Want, it and I was. Like oh no because Twitter is ruined award show Twitter. Has ruined. Literally, everything that's ever happened Twitter is okay I would have watched. Like. The Jim Kelly. Speech, but I knew I. Didn't have. To It was. Over. They were gonna put it. On. Twitter exactly wolf Errol hosted that was pretty good yeah and I'm not, a fan Dan Patrick. Beverley, made a bad short joke about what she calls, them her like can't reach things yeah What did you, get a normal named. Danika I think it's a pretty normal name No any damn. Across? Coming over I? Dated. A. Danika really was it her. No okay now I wish fakeness parts It's true it's true The only other danika the. Exactly, the, NFL manteca Greg. Greg, Kamenica Berga Clinica no but there was a funny gift moment from, it with Al tuba taking the. Trophy away from bregman I don't. Know why that was so people. Loved that so much it's like a gift. That's been thrown around? Did you see it bregman is holding the SP and then they, kind of just. Like snatches. It. From that's. Awesome lost we get and then Kyko is trying to, make some heartfelt speech and you can't really do that when you have the courage award and all the victims of the Larry Nassar thing like don't try and. Make a heartfelt speech what are? You trying to say? What, are we saying. Harvey he's. Probably nice Oh I don't think Harvey came up it was more like, this team talking. Trying to. Give. A synopsis. About how the team loves each other and it's cold, they do it's cool but like you hear that about every championship team but were they really do though I know they do they might be the first one. That actually does I don't know? There's some weird bonds? That, happened in baseball Especially when you got dudes weren't type Hanson There's, a lot of downtime at. A baseball field like consider it this way you show up to the ballpark at. About two teams stretch at about three, now probably three thirty batting practice at four You go through batting practice any wait for the away team to do it then you warm. Up for the game again if you. Need, to like there's a lot of that you have to it's almost better being the away. Team because you seriously go from batting practice. Thirty minutes to time it's almost better, being the road. Team yeah that's why. They have the fee for tournaments and playing video games and there's always pranks and I. Mean. They almost nothing to do they're sitting around clowning, around card games lots of. Betting that's that's fun though that's the kind of stuff that's where trouble happens when. You're sitting around better to do yeah Throwing seeds in betting on betting on, video games that's why they put the TV's in they put little TV. Setups in the lockers despair lockers they have so they can play fortnight against each other across the. Clubhouse that's awesome that's a thing and. They, us clubhouse ask you're wondering of course it is some behind the scenes I followed mccullers. He has he's, always be post like the. Winners Steve toast stats on his Instagram, story Josh beard. Always trolls him to. Play with him or something he made it very uncomfortable when he was when he filled..

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