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Sold hey it's a good thing you're here has a lot to tell you the morning ritual with gary lewis is on gain st am seven ninety tucson's most stimulating talk eight forty two thanks for hanging out three things i think you need to know number one jeff flake skipped out on some senate votes to go meet with jeff zucker the head of cnn and the guy that runs msnbc about job i told you that's what he's doing this whole time it's not me it wasn't hard to see we have to we have faked senator in two senators that don't work here in arizona has that working out for us second thing that i think you need to know is that the country is agreeing with trump and the democrats have to be absolutely scared at this point when it comes to the number one reason trump was elected illegal immigration there was a harvard harris poll seventy percent of people said we need stronger enforcement stricter more strict enforcement of our immigration laws thirty percent against it the seventy percent by the way fifty one percent of dem's agreed stronger enforcement fifty one percent hispanics agreed fifty three percent of blacks agreed sixty nine percent independence agreed they wanted the wall they want the wall to sixty nine percent of americans oppose abolishing ice sixty percent want the wall i mean this is huge stuff this is you know the media media will run if there's an trump's approval is down they'll run with that they never talk about these things third thing i think you need to know is the city of seattle passed a city i large city to pass a city wide ban on plastic straws and he did a based on the research of a nine year old who called straw manufacturers seven years ago that was their reasoning to ban straws you get a two hundred fifty dollar fine if you use them three things i think you need to know now when it comes to separating kids from their parents you may think it's mean nobody denies that i mean geez you have a kid i mean i'm a parent i can't imagine being separated from my kids even though some days i dream about it but inches for a couple of hours a couple of hours however what does that bad you can't joke about that these kids be separate yeah uhhuh ten thousand of the twelve thousand illegal aliens that we're paying for right now that are minors there were sent up without their by themselves by their parents or get out of here anyway i saw i retweeted store i saw cnn cbs news martin golden hits it's a woman by the way buena ventura martin gordon it's that's the lady's name separated from her sevenyearold daughter for sixty one days after they were both caught illegally entering america sixty one days finally got her daughter back right by the way her husband pedro gordon as editor awaiting deportation after he was convicted for illegally entering america then they tried.

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