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They turned that over for set for special enough for prosecution to the special prosecutions division. They've turned over josh's weights his handling of the fines to these special prosecutions buying. They've turned over where he misled senior. Do are officials you now with information They've turned that over for special special prosecution. Now it's up to chris car as the attorney general to do his job and to end to prosecute josh weights and others like scott santilli who pull this fence san Jeff mitchell who was involved in the fence sent who you know who was who was right there hand in hand in it. Katy calvin van sel. Who was hand in hand with the thin san according to katie cole. Then and the recordings that we have. She think she puts a finger on. Amy dory hines who says that. She helped that. Amy help them. Fill out the form. You know there should be prosecution through the georgia bureau of investigations through the illegal use of the program that was utilized by amy. Dougherty hines so these things should be criminally prosecuted. And it's now in the hands of chris car the attorney general of the state of georgia. Now if chris car sits on this and does not we'll continue to to shed light to it. We're going to continue to shout it to the rooftops. We're going to continue to bring press coverage to it and we're going to continue to make sure that when it's time for elections to be had that our voices are heard that we are there in the state of georgia that we're there to support whoever is running against these individuals who refused to do their jobs. That simple folks. you cannot hold us back you cannot. You cannot suppress our voice. We have a first amendment right to freedom of speech and anything that i say on this. Podcast is the truth and we can prove it's the truth. Now you know. We have filed our response to amy. Dougherty hines is Suit saying that. I- defamed her. You should go look it up. It's an interesting read and we look forward to watching that work. Its way through the system. The you know the irony of it is that we had amy. Dorothy hines deposition last week. And the attorney. That's representing her. I don't even remember her name but she looked across the table. At my attorney christy setzer is in this room recording this recording. This deposition folks at the end of the table is a videography and a court reporter. Because i am paying to have every bit of video and recorded for use at a later date. So yes ma'am it was being recorded should have been obvious but then my turning so what are you talking about. There's a camera there now. Is anyone on your sod. Broadcasting is so. She was accusing myself and my daughter savannah of recording this deposition on our phones and live broadcasting it which was not the case. We did not do any such thing we don't need to. I want first grade quality of this interview. So when i do go to use it you get to see first grade quality. I don't wanna give you something. That i messed up on. Trying to record on a phone but so tried to accuse us of that And that was just not true. And i find it ironic that that. Amy dougherty hines after illegally accessing cic. An pulling on myself. Julie chasing savannah. Keep in mind nothing. No one's ever accused chasing savannah of any any wrongdoing that she is now the victim that this is harmed her. You know when. I sit through these depositions. And i hear the attorney representing josh weights and i and i understand that she and listen. We've kind of got me and this attorneys kinda got a love hate relationship..

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