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And I mean, that's not to say like, of course, you think that there is value in, you know, celebrating Christmas with Santa Claus. And, you know, having these sort of magical moments with children like, I don't think these are bad thing at all. But I do think that it's interesting that the message that always comes across is like stay young stay innocent. And always believe unless we. We're in like the third act of a Christmas movie right now and Kurt Russell as hot Santa is gonna like Burston and be like, we need you to believe. And then the three of us need to be like, okay. We believe in. Yeah. You're right. Also, always annoyed me that like it annoyed me that Santa got so much credit for going all over the world. And it's like, yeah. He probably skips like the majority, Buddhist and Muslim countries. Probably he has east obser- few places, you know, and then gets in a sleigh. It's not it's all the Christian families. It's not you know, he's he's slacking off. It's not the whole world also say Santa as presented in this movie is kind of all over the place where Santa like brags to buddy several times like I know the world works. I'm fucking Santa. But then when buddies like cool, I'm going to the world Santa gives him. No advice. He's just like cool. Good luck. So that famous race sucks. It sucks food poisoning from there. Anyway. Yeah. I don't know. Yeah. And then at the end Santa say to needs help when Santa monkey falls out of this guy. He is like, hey, everyone fix my sleigh. I was like what was your plan Beezer like what how would we have gotten this up? So like buddy travels to New York City from the North Pole on foot, and it seems like Christmas is only like a week or two later. Why didn't he just wait? And then Santa could give him a ride like, right? It was something he had to do on his own mind. Earning. Yes. Also, can we talk about how Noddy has exactly two connotations and it's Christmas. If you're not you're nice, or it's sexy. So actually, I think Christmas is. But this is one of the reasons I think that Christmas is creepy. Maybe that's why I. Naughty. Hey, it's Caitlyn and Jamie of the Bechtel cash. Here's an advertisement. Hey, did you know that care of is a monthly subscription vitamin service that delivers completely personalized vitamin and supplement packs right to your door..

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