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Second wife and his father at least one other child the investigation continues after two police officer shot a man last night at the Grand Avenue red line station no witness captured the incident with his cellphone from the initial struggle to the shots fired a top CPT official says enter pleas to return a Charlie back is extremely concerned and has significant questions the man shot underwent surgery at northwestern Memorial Hospital where he is in critical rather but stable condition in river north Judy **** W. Jia mayor Lori Lightfoot said she's seen the video and called the officer's actions deeply concerning and supports interim CPD superintendent Charlie Beck's decision to contact the state's attorney's office because of the potential criminal nature of the shooting lawyers for the Chicago native singer R. Kelly are trying to get racketeering charges dismissed Kelly is being held without bail in Chicago these racketeering charges are related to charges filed against him in New York his lawyers have filed a motion arguing that prosecutors only charged him with racketeering as a way to get around the statute of limitations related to his sexual misconduct charges prosecutors accuse Kelly of among other things recruiting under age girls for sexual exploitation kidnapping and forced labor Vic Vaughn WGN news beloved at WGN TV meteorologist Tom skilling will be stepping away from his on air duties temporarily as he undergoes a weight loss procedure he announced today on social media that while he hates missing work he's relieved to get the surgery under way after preparing for nearly half a year skilling who sixty eight says he expects to be off work for as many as four to six weeks with the weight loss surgery scheduled for Wednesday in WGN sports the Blackhawks visit Florida tonight pregame with Chris Bowen's at four thirty.

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