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Appears that the gunman who mowed down fans at a country music festival in Las Vegas took the motive to his grave CBS's. Steve Futterman reports in its report the FBI says it found no single or clear motivating factor to explain why. Stephen paddock opened fire. Paddock killed fifty eight. People firing from his hotel room at the Mandalay bay hotel into a crowd of more than twenty thousand people attending a country music festival. Hundreds of others were hurt. The report says paddock was not directed. Or inspired by any group, nor was he seeking to advance any agenda. Paddock fired more than a thousand rounds into the crowd. Steve futterman. CBS news Pacific Gas and electric blames the huge damages at faces from deadly California wildfires for its decision to file for chapter eleven bankruptcy protection. State officials approved the utilities bid for five billion dollars in Bank loans to keep it afloat. But state Senator Jerry hill says PG, and he should not escape all responsibility company that has proved to be negligent in most of the fires that we've seen last year should not walk away without having some pain and paying the price. The Dow gained fifty one points today, while NASDAQ fell fifty seven this is CBS news progressive insurance pick from. Range of coverage options with the name your price tool to find a price that works for you. Find out more at Progresive dot com. Better news for victims of sexual assault and survivors of rape. The Minnesota House Democrats plan to some new measures for next week. We'll hear all about.

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