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From their families, especially these days. Feel a little love this time of year. Brian Calvert colonias. Great story Happy Valentine's Day. The Snow did not stop the Seattle Fire Department from vaccinating people. Yesterday, Firefighters gave those critical second doses of the vaccine to people at an adult family home and noise Seattle meaning there now fully vaccinated. Are destroying is an empty with Seattle fire and is part of a mobile unit that is being dispatched to various sites. You can see a lot of relief. People are very not just excited about like it's a big weight in Ah load off their minds, and it's nice to finally feel like we're Going to start making a big difference and get ahead of this. The mobile vaccination unit will make their way around the city. Rain shine or snow. Come on news time is 1 40 years we Go over again to the beacon Plumbing sports test. Dave Lewis has women basketball action. It's a foul from Tempe Women's basketball Washington State has fallen to Arizona State, 67 to 61. Really the Huskies lost to number 10, Arizona 75 53 Quay, Miller 13 points, nine boards at the Australian Open. Most Serena Williams and the only Osaka have advanced 18 t Pebble Beach Fourth and Final round Nate Lashley with one stroke lead over Daniel Berger at 16 under par, lastly, through 11 holes that is maverick. McNealy, Patrick can't Lay and Jordan speed time for third place. At minus 14 on the big maple coming back for one more run James Paxton back with the Mariners, a one year contract for $8.5 million Sports attending 40 past the hour. I'm Dave Lewis Combo news. All your food is out there. I'm unwrapping a McDonald's steak, egg and cheese bagel. Look at this steak and the juice running down the sign. Got a little bit on the wrapper here and then the fluffy egg and real cheese folded over side looking just so good. Mm. Grilled onions on about a bagel. Two thumbs up from a Donald steak, egg and cheese bagel for breakfast. Love it more bump up, Uh, participate in McDonald's secondhand smoke kills more than 400 infants and 41,000.

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