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Got new details on what comes next for the president's former fixer morning, Joe is back in a moment. Donald Trump's former lawyer and fixer Michael Cohen will be sentenced this morning in two cases, one brought by the southern district of New York and another by the special counsel's office. He has pled guilty to eight counts from the southern district, including to campaign finance violations to cover up Donald Trump's alleged affairs, New York prosecutors recommending a substantial prison term for his crimes a little less than three and a half years even considering his cooperation. The special counsel's office taking into account Cohen's. Crop ration- is essentially recommending no additional jail time outside of his sentence. In the New York case joining us now senior reporter at Vanity Fair and NBC news and MSNBC contributor, Emily, Jane, FOX. So emily. You've known Michael cone for a long time. You've spent a lot of time with him. And I'm just wondering as you've watched the arc of this. How how is he doing just on a human level on a personal level? I think that this is obviously a tough day. But it's one that he has prepared for. I think that people who know him people who've been waiting for this day who've spent time with him recently are sort of hoping for the best. But preparing for the worst is the way that it was put to me. And this is obviously an emotional day for someone who is close at this family who for years was blindly loyal to President Trump. And today he seeing that loyalty come back to haunt him. There are two things. I'm really looking forward today. I'll be in the courtroom. The first is what he is going to say in court now, I don't know what he's going to say. But he does have the opportunity to address the court in the last two times he was in court and did have that opportunity took it, and we learned pretty substantial things about the president the first time he that was the time where he stood up and said that the president directed him to make those payments to the women, and that was a big revelation, and that was something that was echoed by prosecutors in southern district of New York and their sentencing my last week and the site second time he stood up and said that when he did lied to congress that those lies because he was a loyal to the president because he wanted to stay in in connection with the president's message that he knew was so important to him. So I can I don't know what we will. We'll say today, but I think that it will be pretty important. And the second thing is there will be different legal strategy going forward at this is the end of one era of the culling southern and the main here of Conan's saga for the last year and a half. And what we will see is Davis who Michael Cohen brought on at the beginning of the summer to sort of his TV lawyer, even though that was a stunted Atlanta. Davis will no longer service his attorney going forward because a sentencing will be over. He will simply be an advisor to him advising him on when and if he decides to tell his story after the Miller report comes out. Heidi pris- villa? Emily. Michael has certainly provided invaluable information to the southern district. Prosecutors about individual one directing potential felonies. But as you mentioned, we're heading here into a second era. And there could be a second way of investigations here in the southern district of the Trump businesses specifically, I mean, this is really fertile stuff and cluding the foundation, including potential money laundering. Look at the tax story that the New York Times did about Trump evading taxes to what extent did Michael Cohen. Do you think based on your reporting based on everything that, you know, also provide sees and potential information about this second avenue of investigation that we could see take shape here. I know what he has. He has spent time with investigators in southern district of New York. And also the attorney general's office in New York who who are looking into particularly that Trump foundation his attorneys have. Said that he will continue to cooperate even after sentencing. So what he is already told them. I am sure has given them some information in those investigations. And what he may tell them going down the road could lead to more. Emily. Let me let me get you to possibly clarify something. I don't understand..

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