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Fault but oh yeah it's going to be chaos. Look at it this way to. What do you tell someone when the fed show up. Don't say anything when when a couples don't say anything. Don't say anything you don't have to say you don't actually have to say anything. Just don't you know. Just just shut up shut up. That's what we tell people to do at their situation involving law enforcement again to anyone within the reach to my voice understand this. The incident is not the law. The incident and their investigators have no subpoena power. They have nothing they can walk in the room and they can ask you a question. You are not obligated to answer that question anymore than you are to answer the question of any stranger walking up to you on the street there is nothing you have no reason to cooperate less than no reason to fear student athlete coach administrator or anyone who was questioned by the nc double eight. Can't we talk know it stops right. There needs aa. Say well you refuse to cooperate. Yeah they are. That's it that's about the worst you can charge me with and accused me of and if everyone else in the cwa membership doesn't care. Then the will to actually push that charge forward. Disappears it evaporates. This is now extensively a case of does the ncwa decide whether it exists or do you just take your little basketball tournament and keep it moving. That's it because right now. All the ncwa does with football as drug test. Yes these little self reported. Ticky tack things from schools and they drug test for some reason. I don't know why the nc double. I could just come in and be like smoking weed like that has anything to do. Like that. is under your purview to go ahead. Further extend the federal ban on marijuana usage to an amateur athletics organization. You're just being like proxy cops for fun and their threshold is crazy low lying. I think they have a threshold like lower than pilots on marijuana. They are just being haters on this. This is going to be crazy. And if it's going to be crazy like with the turnover bag and everything else that we're talking about odyssey feel like before the first game like somebody's schools that have been kind of legendary outlaws. They need to come back around and gives him props to the pioneers like. Oh jeez on this right. How many schools figuring three neat invite jaggi shero back to thank him for every for showing them to way Yeah because jackie cheryl free market pioneer. Yes in all of this i it. By the way. Never ever a hypocrite about it so wait up but never once kala perry of his time a guy who was like we will get you from point a to b. I will help you succeed at texas. Am mistake pit. Wherever i am. I'm going to help you succeed. What do you mean by success. Turn that recorder off. Then we're gonna stop you're gonna kiss conversations off the record now we're gonna talk about what success means here at texas a and m. That's what we're going to talk about right barry. Switzer became a hypocrite about it. Though he was not a hypocrite. At the time he legitimately believe that these guys deserve what it was. The day was opposed to get i. I will tell you this right now. Anytime you see one of these big time coaches like especially the ones that we think are good guys but you never hear them coming out here loud about the cheaters. Because they know the game they know what this is and they're like. Oh yeah. I guess is unfortunate. That person got caught. Ain't that something. Ooh let us people and moving. I think barry got caught two and the gap between coaches really getting paid and coaches not getting paid. So when here's about the money being thrown around he might just finally be a little bit salty about that because you might say no. I don't think the players get paid. Because i barely got paid very made. Compared to what lincoln riley is making it oklahoma right now. That is a great point. I'm not saying. I agree. But i understand being a little salty over the gap between i was making five hundred grand. And you're making five million a year. Okay hold up all. Let's get buried some of that money. Retroactively it keep in mind. I think in seventeen years. Barry switzer won three national championships. And i believe had at most one season below second-place in his confidence one season below. We just one all the time. Because he barry also points out to me. If you have five thousand dollars let me tell you they had been cutting you do. Five thousand dollar checks in the cocaine. Eighty s. i don't think you understand. How many kilos blow would have been running through facilities. Because i know how many kilos blow were running through facilities at that time right like when that was just the thing and so you go to the crib and they like going to a whole new market here. Here's a quarter key. Make you work and they did at the time to people say this is going to be chaos. Let's specify what kind of chaos you mean. Because that's everything else like these programs going to be chaos. What's the rest of the market like for everyone. That's the idea like this was ordered. Did you think things were on the up and up before. Let me let me take you in and show you the tape of what you were thinking saying athletes. Oh we gotta pay tech. They're going to pay taxes. So do i. yeah so do you. That's the other thing. Somebody's gotta pay taxes on that whole well. I think that's tell it on yourself if you're like how you gonna pay your taxes yourself focus on your own issues. Get out of these people's business you know whose job it is to do that the irs. Do you know who the. Irs generally audits people who don't have much money like student athletes. Don't worry they're coming because they can't put up a fight if you're real concern but that all of a sudden by the way you're real concerned with irs enforcement. I'm wondering about your selective interest selective enforcement here if you're one of these people who are like well. They're going to have to pay their taxes. Suddenly you're for that because look at the rest of your social media profile. You have strongly anti-tax bias. Yes what might be motivating that. What did we just invite in the door and have it sit down at the table for this conversation that we're all talking about this. Yes.

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