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Join the conversation talk six fifty K S T E. Thanks for joining us, America. We're glad you're here. Eric is with us in New York City. Hi, eric. How are you? Dave. How are you? Pleasure speaking with you too, sir. How can I help? Okay. A month ago? I lost my job. Fifteen years. And I've found out that my wife had seventy five thousand dollars in hitting credit card debt. Ouch. Yeah. Ouch. So what are we doing? It's it's been really rough bet about why was she hiding credit card debt. She said she was doing it for us. You know, we were living a lifestyle we were making, you know, like seventy four thousand dollars a year combined, but we were living like we were making, you know, more hundred and fifty thousand. Yeah. So she's she was handling all the bills, and you weren't helping at all. That's correct, Sarah. What I was doing was just giving her my paycheck at the end of each week. And that was like that for the last twenty years. Okay. Well, I guess that changes now, which is already changed to the two of you working together. Yup. So the good news is she didn't hide it maliciously. She hit it because she wasn't very good at handling money are saying no to the family by herself, and you left her to that task alone. And so you're at fault. And so is she, but we'll get through this. So what did you used to make your job? I mean, forty seven thousand a year and she made thirty gets the full benefits for us to health benefits. Good and she's still working. Yes, sir. Good and you've been out of work for a month. One month. Okay. So how's the job hunt? Coming. It's rough. I mean, I really. Last time I was out of work years and years ago, I found a job in two days, and it's just been really rough. Yeah. What do you do? Sales sales. Good. I knew you were going to say that good. It's the best thing to do. Right. Yeah. You can tell even do anything. Yeah. You've heard me say that then and I'm a big believer in. I mean were you good at selling? Yes, sir. Okay. Why are you only making forty seven? I think he just had a lot to do with the job that I was at. I probably now I probably should have branched out a lot longer ago. Yeah myself, but I didn't this this huge blessing. God pushed you out of the net flying illegal. Yes, sir. Yeah. I mean, so what is it? You're going to sell. That's a lot better product in that pays a lot better commission, and you can sell a lot more of. Like make twice what you used to make lots of salespeople lots of sales people make six figures. What were you selling before question for you? What was I selling? Yeah..

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