Joe Biden, Kamala Harris, President Trump discussed on Mark Levin


It's going to be much more than a therapeutic. You're gonna get better. You're gonna get better fist, just like I did. So again, a blessing in disguise. Good luck. What a remarkable human being seriously. The energy, the fortitude, the motivation. The desire to help his country didn't need any of this, but look at him. Joe Biden. His entire life has been living inside the Beltway completely out of touch. The media love him because he has spent 50 years with the media. All he knows. Only knows his politics. That's fine, but he's never even been in the executive. Never liked Pense was governor. He stepped down from that position of run with the president, United States. Goodbye and couldn't have done any of this. Kamala Harris would even know who to call she picked up the phone doesn't even know what a pharmaceutical company is. Except when she litigate ce against them to try and destroy them, I suppose. But they have no idea. As I said before you heard Foulke early on in March, talk about the effort early because the president of vice president attacked for their Ellie steps, he said. Impressive and I can't imagine anyone doing anything more. That's foul. And, of course, Joe Biden had nothing to contribute. In any of the early Siri's of debates. They needed that Kamala Harris. In fact, she dropped out by them. But if they have great ideas, let's see them. What are they exactly? Well, they don't have great ideas. To the extent they have any Joe Biden's plagiarizing again. I just want you to understand folks that already the propagandist for the Biden campaign and the Harris campaign. They're out there saying that Mike Pence is a liar. Mike Pence is not a liar. He's a man of deep faith. They can't have an honest debate. These people A great piece. The Washington Examiner by Quinn Hillier. Fine has been wrong or worse for his entire sorry career. Just for purposes of argument. Let's stipulate the President Trump is a bully. A liar, a racist associate path. So fourth course I don't stipulate any of that, but is trying to make a point. That still doesn't absolve the media of its obligation to examine the equally powerful evidence that Joe Biden is a liar. He serial plagiarist, a foreign policy numbskull like political coward in a useful idiot for the radical left. As for cowardice, it's beyond all reason. The Biden doesn't face repeated questions and harsh criticism from every media outlet about his refusal to say whether he would sign a bill to pack the Supreme Court. One of the elections most important issues with momentous ramifications for the court's independence in the nation's future. It's mind boggling to see Biden changes position four different times on whether as president he can implement nationwide mass mandates. Quote unquote. He's been flip flopping like John Kerry. And Manning to see him skate on why he opposed trumps virus restricting partial ban on travel from China. It defies all journalistic standards for editorial boards toe not demand answers about why Biden Ferried his troubled son Hunter on Air Force two to China. One Hunter was seeking lucrative business deals from enemies controlled by the communist Chinese government and more broadly Why isn't buying forced to answer for the entire family profiteering ring and even the decidedly non conservative politico dubbed it bite an ink. Hide in ink. And if money isn't the blame, why isn't Biden asked why he has been so soft on China for so long? Why isn't it demanded that Biden renounced the Communist terrorist inspired black Lives matter organization, not the slogan. The group The way Trump is expected, it announced white supremacists. Especially when his parties whole convention passed without a concerted effort to distance itself from anarchic street violence. The media haven't press Biden on is called to eliminate the individual right toe work enjoyed by 166 million people. It hasn't asked him to explain exactly I was campaign. Could say the prohibitively expensive green new deal is a crucial framework quote unquote for policy while he says he himself isn't for the green, no deal. That seems like an inscrutable circle. Mine. Certainly a skated on his role, second only to the late Ted Kennedy and poisoning the judicial confirmation process was it right for him to help lead Democrats to filibustering a Hispanic qualified candidate by the name of Miguel Estrada? My other than blind ambition for the presidential nomination in 1988, did he completely reverse his earlier specific statement that Robert Bork would be a perfectly acceptable Supreme Court pick? Does he counted, his Democratic colleagues repeated attacks on the faith. The religion of judicial nominees such as Bill Pryor. And Amy Cockney Barrett. On foreign policy. It's now evident that bite was wrong. Oppose Ronald Reagan's defense buildup wrong opposed almost every aspect of Ronald Reagan's policy of rolling back communism Wrong of post in 1991 Gulf War wrong to advise against the raid that killed Osama bin Laden, Wrong toe lie about whether the American Embassy in Benghazi had requested more security that was never provided. Wrong to support Barack Obama's precipitous troop withdrawal in Iraq and in the words of former CIA director and Defense Secretary Robert Gates wrong on every nearly every major foreign policy and national security issue over the past four decades, and I would ask Ah! Wrong on the Iran giveaway deal and wrong. On his failure to support Israel. For his 36 years in the U. S. Senate. Most of the media knew by as a blowhard and a bungler. If they won't hold him to account..

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