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Lordstown. The closure of the General Motors plant. We'll put fourteen hundred hourly workers on the unemployment line tonight. The last two Chevy Cruz rolled off the line today as production of the cruise shifts to Mexico. Meanwhile, House Democratic leaders today applauded a unanimous passage of a resolution legislation that urge urges GM to allocate a new product in that Lordstown production facility, the plant has produced more than two hundred and fifty million dollars in wages annually, and General Motors has received more than sixty million dollars in tax credits from the state over the past decade. General motors. Lordstown plant is just the first of five North American plants that are set to close by the end of this year. Ohio. Lawmakers are also proposing a small low a smaller increase into the state's current gas tax to close a shortfall in the transportation department's budget. Lawmakers proposal today would add another ten point seven cents to the state's current twenty eight percent tax on every gallon of gasoline. But governor Mike dewine has made his push for an eighteen cent increase to the gas tax to cover the department's budget gap, which is estimated to be close to one billion dollars. And Granville police say keep your hands on the wheel and off the cell phone new permanent signs are being posted around the village of Granville warning drivers to stay off of their mobile devices while driving through as Nathan's law is going into effect those who violate that law could be charged with a misdemeanor as well as fine over one hundred and fifty dollars a second defense in less than a year could land drivers up to thirty days..

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