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Rickie always wanted to play baseball in the majors. He was playing catch before. We could walk practically lived in the batting cages. He was behind home plate more than he was home and one day after all that hard work be found himself walking into a major league baseball stadium. After buying a ticket at the gate, a news bleed seed obscured by poll, but he was in there. No, Ricky never did play in the big leagues, but he did switch his car insurance to gyco proud partner of major league baseball, which saved him a lot. So while in all things were good. Well, the new Bundesliga season kicks off to Morrow at. We cannot wait for aid to borrow Munich, getting ready to start season under new coach, Niko Kovac. They will be facing huffing Heim. And then you have some other notable ones on Saturday and Sunday. Well, speaking of bar Munich, Robert Lindahl fee has been opening up about why he asked to leave this summer. He says, I was an easy target because I failed to score in two or three important game. So it was a case of everybody laying into Nevin dove sqi. I had the feeling that no one was behind me. None of the bosses defended me well, well, we know exactly what happened there. So let's welcome in Julia, Laura's Julia, and now we're hearing about Byron wanted to hold onto him and they said that they could have gotten a hundred and fifty million four him. So was that the case or was there just no-take hers. The market for striker of live on the caliber was quite quiet. These some, if you think about it, okay. We're not doing move to events us and then Louis going from inventors to Milan, but or the other top clubs could have been a boy striker in England. For example, the likes of Chelsea almost United's maybe much as well, but also and especially read Madrid, who was the team really? They've on dusky hot in mind. He's he's agent pennies. Havi worked on the once run, Madrid said that won't to spend any money on on ski. They weren't stick with carrying Benz him. I think it was going to be very difficult than for live on the key to find anything better than Mooney can anyone who would be able to afford him basically. And I think that's why he said the crib, and let's not forget as well Bill, like you said in in the cruiser just read. He was very disappointing in key much. He's not just last season in previous seasons is where it in the Trump is especially and maybe that put up a few clubs as well. I think I just said to that there is a new coach bar Munich, you know, new chapter for them, I guess new beginning for Levin, give he will. He says, he sat down and spoke to the new coach. They seem to have Iran things out. Are you buying that? Or could these comments on this little riff that happened? Just come up and cause a problem for them. This season, he's no Hoppy. Those Hoppy. The reason why he's formers and good, then they should go because statement, you want us to stop feeling only formal. One of the highest paid football is in the planet and you pay school goals, not just against teams that you walk over and beg important games and the guy problems and the kind of use him as a scapegoat because he is a top man there. Did you plan Cianci's Champions League obsolete, measure them. It was like a kid and then he goes to, then we'll call then you don't want bodies being chump league. If he goes to the World Cup and says, own firewood, Poland get your move as well. All of this was in his sons. The find the heat didn't perform as a huge chunk of the reason why still wary is. And it can see only wants. It's clearly not happy. Come. Sympathize with Levin dollars. You're used to more playing in that role instead of Steve egos used to taking them now go to do. Sometimes you go to medicine..

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