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Afternoon. It's one twenty four. I'm Eric Roy with KCRW headlines and some breaking news in the midst of an investigation into alleged sexual misconduct. California Democratic party chairman Eric Boman announced his resignation today. Balan former head of Los Angeles County Democratic Party said in a statement, the decision is in everyone's best interest, including those whom I may have caused pain and who need to heal. Now. It happens that just a short time ago. Governor like Gavin Newsom called on a balanced to resign amid sexual misconduct allegations. In a statement Newsom said he is so troubled by the serious accusations against the head of his own party that Newsom said balance should resign. Even while the investigation continues. And now Bauman has done that once again, California Democratic party chairman. Eric Bellman has resigned. Democrats are viewing the current lame duck session of the Republican congress in Washington DC as potentially dangerous with President Trump threatening to shut down the government if he doesn't get some money for his border wall. But despite all of Trump's angry tweets one, California Democrat on the house intelligence committee does not think that he'll try to shut down special counsel, Robert Muller's rush investigation. San Francisco congresswoman, Jackie speier, spoke to MSNBC, I do think that there is so much going on here in the halls of congress with leadership battles and tried to save you can get a continuing resolution to keep the government open and some funding for a while that I think that I think they're gonna stare very clear of trying to shut down the Muller. Separately. Speier says former Trump campaign chairman Paul Manafort, maybe even committed treason, if it's true that he met face to face with WikiLeaks founder Julian Assange as the guardian has reported finally congresswoman Karen bass has been elected the new chairwoman of the Congressional Black caucus, the Los Angeles democrat is currently the vice chair of the caucus. Bass will be the eighth woman to lead the fifty five member black caucus. She'll take office on Thursday. January third the first day of the one hundred sixteenth congress bass also serves on the House Judiciary committee. It's one twenty-six. More press plays on the way from KCRW..

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