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This is the gary v audio experience or ghana i think the world my glaxo optimism i think you know everyone's like your energy your energy i've come to realise it just optimism just happy just positive what it is just like whatever chemicals for my body that just allow me to see the bright side like and i just don't think i've realized how few people have that like note very few people have it as black and white 100 zeros click i just think everything's good but like you know i'm dino as of eight billion people like what the breakdown is like my god is like six billion just go directly into having more pessimism and cynicism in negatively like fifty one forty nine minimally all the way down to very scary places and i just don't think there's a lot of eighty eighty percent optimism just environment raziq and all that stuff anyway what's up jesse gomez could see a coach john castro great to see you a much left to all of you guys uh and appreciate uh so much i forced myself to be optimistic every day does not come naturally i get it susan it doesn't come naturally a lot of people i think i think that's like you know if if i was going to say i'm lucky about something forget about the business results it's lucky that that optimism comes naturally to me like i'm just optimistic like i just think that so much works for me because i refuse to accept the negative like i you know and i don't think i hear people say it's you know it's an option or to choice i agree with you susan i don't think he comes natural everybody i think we are just starting on the early stages of a of really looking at mental health the brain meditation and i do think alike that's exciting be beautiful doesn't come natural to everybody some of us you know yes kidding but like you to like.

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