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Live from NPR news on trial. Snyder House Judiciary Committee Chairman Jerry Nadler is confirming reports at his panel is preparing to Subpoena Attorney General William Bar, following the firing of the top prosecutor in Manhattan Dad, there confirmed that his panel has begun the process in an interview on MSNBC tonight top Republican on the Judiciary Committee Ohio. Congressman Jim Jordan disclosed democratic plans to issue a subpoena for a hearing on July second in a letter to Nadler saying he opposes compelling. Compelling bars testimony and saying bar remains willing to testify voluntarily after the pandemic concludes saying it's time for people to go home Seattle Mayor Jenny Durkan says officials are working with the community to bring an occupy protest zone to an end following to shootings over the weekend one of them fatal. We have to stop the gun violence everywhere in Seattle, but in this area there has been too much gun violence and we have to take steps to stop that. Violence is distracting from changes sought by peaceful protesters following the killing of George Floyd Minneapolis. The protesters took over the area more than two weeks ago South Carolina what have more than twenty states seeing a rise in the number of corona virus cases, some cities want to make facemask mandatory, but the governor has yet to take any action South Carolina public radio's Victoria Hanson reports. The state has seen a string of consecutive days with much higher infection rates. The Department of Health says the new cases are predominantly among young people. Governor Henry McMaster is urging people to wear masks, but has it mandated them? He is also not talking about the possibility of shutting down again. He says there are constitutional limits on what he can make. People do and also there's the practical matter we've got to get back to work. We can't stay. Shutdown of the governor insists South Carolina one of the last days to close and I reopen did not get back to business too soon for NPR news. I Victoria Hanson in Charleston. A Nation continues to struggle to ramp up testing to fight the corona virus. Some testing officials say they have been experiencing problems with some of the. The supplies receiving from the trump administration. NPR's Rob Stein has details to try to boost testing. The trump administration has been shipping out swaps needed to collect specimens and chemicals known as transport. Media The keep the samples fresh while they're transported to allow protesting, but some lab directors say some of the swaps coming bulk packages that waste many swabs because they can get contaminated and others are too long and can't easily be shortened to fit into storage files. Another problem is that one kind of transport media contains a chemical that can cause cyanide gas to be released accidentally. Trump administration officials say lesser kidding all the usable supplies they need. Rob Stein NPR news. This is NPR. President trump has signed an executive order to suspend H., one B. and other beezus till the end of the year. Such visas allow employers to hire foreign workers with specialized skills temporary basis. It appears Franko or Donas reports on the administration. He said that the move will help American workers. A senior administration official says the measures are being taken to help Americans. Get back to work after suffering through the quote. Quote Fastest Spike unemployment in history that temporary ban also includes a suspension of H., two B. Visas for seasonal workers, some J., one visas and L. One visas used for company transfers. It also extends a pause on issuing green cards to new immigrants through the end of the year. The order is not expected to immediately affect anyone who already has visa or other legal status in the US the senior. Senior administration official estimates temporary suspensions will hope quote preserve five hundred thousand jobs for Americans between now and the end of the calendar year Franko or Donas NPR news the White House president. Trump is tweeting tonight about the initial trade deal with China saying it remains fully intact. He posted the tweet after a top white. House adviser seemed to suggest it was over the remarks when Trade Advisor. Peter Navarro. Navarro spook financial markets, but Navarro says his comments were taken out of context in a statement. He said he was referring to a lack of trust. Because of the coronavirus pandemic China meanwhile has put the final piece of navigation network into orbit, successfully launched Tuesday the thirty fifth and final satellite of a system that's meant to be the country's answer to the US. Government owned GPS. This is NPR news..

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