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Boston's news radio in 7 13. Let's get you to work right now. On a Monday traffic and weather together, the Subaru retailers of New England all wheel drive traffic on the threes. Laurie Grandee, you're brought to us by Commonwealth voters. Well, Jeff, apparently I have some splainin to do because there's a lot of stuff going on up. They're right now. First off, she's getting word of a crash. This one in Peabody 95. North on it said they top of the ramp to Route one. So the top of the exit ramp coming off a 95 north bound to route one watch out for some delays and some confusion and the crash there. Also another being cleared still left him. Lane is blocked in Newton East Mount of the Mass pike, right by the route 16 West Newton off ramp. Situations on the expressway North out. Let's see if there are any with Krista Neck in the WBC news radio Road report. Laurie at the moment, it looks like people are behaving for the most part. We'll see if that changes but the expressway North founds moving pretty well all the way up past the gas tank. You will find some reduced speeds up around the Dorchester Yacht Club in the savage kill. That's AH lot better than Could be about this time of the morning South found there's somebody off in the emergency cut out down after the gas tank. It looks like they may be leaving, though. Kristen, acting, the WBC news radio road report. 93 south on how that earlier crash there in Medford by Mystic AB. That's now been cleared, but traffic is yet to get back up to speed. Real slow. Roosevelt Circle to that point Also, keep in mind that train coming out Behavioral, the reading behavioral line there the commuter rail train 70 to 100 about 50 minutes to an hour behind schedule now due to a mechanical issue between North Station I'm sorry between Wakefield North Station, Laurie gradually visas traffic on the three like the early morning Sunshine is already starting to fade behind some clouds here in Boston. It is a chilly 26 degrees as we get going this Monday. Well, Seymour clouds as the day.

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