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Welcome to Shaker Heights episode to the Weird Kid in school and the early morning hours of Friday September Fourteenth Nineteen Ninety sixteen year old. Lisa PRUITT was stabbed to death in Shaker Heights. The upper class suburb on the east side of Cleveland. Her body was discovered behind a mansion. Owned by the DREIFORT family. The murder under occurred the day. Her Boyfriend Dan Dreifort was released from a mental institution. No murder weapon was found at the scene within twenty four hours the detectives had interviewed the Dreifort family. And come up with few solid leads in the days after the murder friends of Dan. dreifort commit up at the home of classmate Kathryn Scholtz to discuss the ongoing mystery following this meeting. Several of Dan's friends went to the police station station with a startling claim. A young man named Kevin Young had been overheard stating he wanted to kill Lisa because he was jealous of Dan. hand-drive heard this podcast presents. The case as it unfolded for Shaker Heights. Police detectives the interviews. You're about to hear are taken from. Actual you'll police reports and recounted by actors as the story unfolds. Ask yourself who do you think killed Lisa Brooke. This is detective. Richard Malini with the Shaker Heights. Police Department statement in an interview by one. Jonathan Andrew George Doc Jonathan. I know Dan from band. I've known him since about eighth grade. We've been friends since then until now. I've known Lisa's since I was in tenth tenth grade. And I've known Kevin since I was in ninth grade Dan and Lisa than going out for a couple months now Kevin supposedly like Lisa for a long time. Now most girls blow Kevin off because he seems kind of weird. We read a rabbit. Shaker Square mean Shane McGee. We're standing by Shane's car talking with Kevin and we were talking about Dan. Dry Ford and Kevin Young said something like. I'd hate to be Dan because he doesn't get any play and me and Shane. McGee both laughed Kevin. Kevin was like. Why are you guys laughing? And we're both like because Dan gets a lot of play from girls and Kevin Young said. Well he's not getting any from Lisa Pruitt and I said yes he is he sleeping with her and Kevin just freaked. He was like that asshole that asshole I hate him. I'm going to kill kill him. I want her dead and then he stormed off and left me and Shane McGee later. That night I was talking to Kevin Young again. And he was saying that women were good for nothing thing except screwing them and throwing them away and how. There's really no point in them. Me and Shane McGee. We were both like okay. Kevin Right we dated Arabica little while longer and talk to some friends there and then me and Shane both left. Could you describe Kevin Young physically and where he lives if you know. He's about six feet tall about one hundred. Sixty one hundred and seventy pounds blonde blue eyed listen to heavy metal METALLICA and anthrax. Uh He basically doesn't like the world doesn't like Black Jews Polish people basically a typical areas supremacists type person. He's usually usually a lot of talk. He says things about people but then he's friends with them. He talks about people behind their backs. It's very hard for Kevin to get a girlfriend because his views on everything they are really strange. He'll be infatuated with a person in ninth grade. He was infatuated with a girl named Marissa Dolinsky and she was going out with a friend of mine named Bradhurst. I and we were in Canada and he was threatening that he would commit suicide unless Maria broke up with Brett and went out with him. Jeff Petty and Hans Boehner are both band directors at the high school school and they were both there and knew about with threatening this and took his sleeping pills from him. That was basically all I remember about that. Kevin does not get along with his parents. None of us is friends. Understand why his parents are great. He's a heavy drinker. He drinks by himself. He likes to get drunk and wander off by himself. He lives across the street from the high school in a White House with a swimming pool in the backyard. Don't know the address or the St the ever see Kevin Young Act in a violent manner manner. Not sure I like didn't hang around him a lot. The only time he came over was it parties. I'd say I don't know. Do you know of Kevin Young abuses any kind of drugs. I don't think so. I've never used them with him or seen him use them. Do you think Kevin Young would be capable of killing someone. Yes why just basically because of how he does talk and he can become very aggressive. I've never seen him get into a fight with another guy. But because of his basic eight for women because they spurn him because of the conversations that me and my friends have about him the strange things he says and does Kevin Young ever talk to you about sex. There's views on sex. He always wanted to get laid. It rarely happened. Like the only time was with Jackie Hale and that was like it he he hates fags he truly hates them anything. That's not straight he's like no he doesn't like it. I have actually seen him get aggressive. He wants to beat up a guy who was bisexual but he couldn't find him. Did he ever state. He wanted to have sex with Lisa PRUITT. Not that I can remember. You know a male by by the name of Ken Workman yes is he. A friend of Kevin. Young's yes I think so. Whenever I go up to our ATIKA being Kevin would go outside outside to see who is out there and if tex out there he would always go over there and say? Hey Hi how you doing. What's going on is Texan nickname for? Ken Workman yes. Did you discuss with anyone who you thought could be capable of killing Lisa Pruitt when you heard of murder. Yes Kevin Young and Dan's father other Dan's father Dan. Dan's father don't get along at all. Dan's father through dance. Friends is known as a very crazy man this. This is also viewed by his sister Debbie and most of her friends. Dan just got out of Cleveland Clinic and the reason that he came down to us is that one night he was reading a book and dance. Father came amen caught him reading it and flipped and that was the day before he got sent to the clinic. Why would you think that Dan's father would be capable of killing Lisa? Prove it was as as soon as I heard she was dead. I was thinking of who would have done it and I thought Dan wouldn't have done it but Dan's father would have done it but I- ruled that out last night when I found out that dance fathers send him outside to find out who was screaming. How did you hear about Dylan's father? Sending downside through Shane McGee then. I called Dance House in his sister told told me the same thing I ask. People knew Dan and why he wasn't sent away. And they basically said the same thing to your knowledge to D- android Ford's father have anything eighteen against Lisa Not as far as I know. When did these threats against the android fertilizer? PRUITT take place June of nineteen ninety. Do you you know if Kevin Young would carry any type of weapon. I think he had a knife a knife. That's it did you ever see him with the knife once or twice. Yeah Yeah I'd come downstairs and he'd have it out and say look at this and I'd say oh. Yeah whatever I think it was a switchblade or a lock knife I guess yes. It was standard black or Brown. I can't remember. Is there anything else that you wish to add to the statement there was a person. He talked to Pete man I think he's seventeen or eighteen. He's a senior at Shaker. Pete was the only one who could really stand Kevin. They talked a lot and Pete tried to get Kevin Girlfriend and tried to make him not so much. Loser tried to get him to go out. This interview with Jonathan. George was important to detectives. Because Georgia's statement implicates three men as possible suspects for the murder of Lisa Pruitt while taking the attention off his friend. Damn there was another young man who knew Lisa would be sneaking over to visit Dan. Dan late the night that she was killed. His name was Ken Workman known simply as Techs to friends. Police asked Dan driver a few questions about him that day. So on Thursday September Thirteenth Nineteen Ninety. Ninety I'll start off with the with the phone calls. I had Becca boat right called once at about eight thirty and I bite it her over and then she told me she was was tired and was gonna go to sleep during the conversation. She also spoke to texts workman in one or both of us may be mentioned that Lisa becoming Over I also spoke to Chris Jones and invited him over and he called back and told me he was too tired and was going to go to sleep. I don't remember the Times on either one of those those calls but both were raped before ten PM. A TEX workman came over. It was sometime before nine pm and he and I were sitting outside aside when Lisa Pruitt came over at about nine pm in left five or ten minutes later while they were both there Texan. I joked about cutting LISA PRUITT's hair to my knowledge. However there was no physical contact between Texas and Lisa then? I walked lease at her car. She left and I went back. Attacks Workman who is in need of cigarettes. I gave him some money and at approximately ten PM. He left on my bicycle for Shaker Square. I went inside and came out again. Probably Eleven PM defined text waiting with a pack of cigarettes and he told me that he wasn't going to sleep over. I let them keep the change for rapid fair and and gave him. Some of the cigarettes then went inside and watch the news. Did you see Tex Workman. Leave your residence after after you gave him the cigarettes and if so which direction did he go i. I saw turn to exit the backyard of via the driveway. To the best of your knowledge. Describe describe what he was wearing wearing either a white pair of tennis shoes or a pair of Air WAC viper high tops. Not Certain what else he was wearing. Have you ever known. Ken Workman to take the bus back to his house. No but he definitely. He's definitely taken the rapid to my knowledge anyway. Did you have any contact whatsoever.

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