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To hate it to basically to target something in grain there air exactly and they're psyche well alex bank alert betterment area there echoing show thank you so much as to dave in texas i dave you're on ground zero glovesoff last beyond so it would be on the show with we go ahead and queue for beyond okay so uh leah leak lips well it it's a metaphor board the proportions in which uh well well be physically this very good yes you're right so the everywhere at the border gate glitch don't be completely dark right so that would be one stay like you know you could call positive or negative it's totally ah while they say it's a negative but go ahead said the ameri every are you know am of being backed again negative it will be area well every dark every dark entity basically mirrors back to the earth every dark force rick mears back to your during a according to astrology it's a it's a it's like a cleansing process is going through a death process well i i will tell you that astrology wouldn't be the best fight nope but cut oh tylenol gina claus bell want to be you want to talk about visits and cosmology that's bind because physics cosmology doesn't believe in how these events affect the body but they do affect the body and we know the effect the body because we have these archetypes bitter within our unconscious minded register because they've been wired into his from our ancient in ancestors i mean that's also true cloud i mean it it it it exists with will never never particle is no going because you know it it takes time and it it it takes some sort of right a processing of a uh ed inflammation sure you know so bad but that's what makes you know observance yes by what we'd have to realize it is to own living pistons there is real existing nonreal existed so we know what we know for a.

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