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To their home on hillary cove court last night two adults and three kids lived in at home the fire started in the garage is not clear what sparked the blaze nobody was hurt the cdc here in atlanta's his forty nine out of fifty states now reporting flu outbreaks pharmacies around the country say they are running low on antiviral medications tamiflu abc chief health and medical editor dr jennifer ashton saying to to be most effective everybody in the family artists are taking flew meds once one person get sick who use to hear 48 hours as the maximum now there is some data that suggests that it can help even after given that time so it shouldn't be withheld just because you're over 48 hours and we expect to get an update on flew from the cdc here in atlanta next hour the georgia aquarium announcing plans for a major expansion the next endeavor is a really big one that's according to the vice president of marketing and communications of the aquarium she tells the atlanta business chronicle they're looking at several proposals at the moment they'll include a new entrance and more exhibits space the expansion would come in lake 2020 whether would include more animals is anyone's guess at this point the aquarium sits out about nine acres but it owns another acre to half across lucky street that's mostly parking lots for now it's last expansion came in 2016 the forty milliondollar see light exhibit judd hickinbotham wsb revenue from concessions sales are up at mercedes benz stadium over and over the georgia dome despite a drastic cut in prices offered why got a lot of attention when he cut prices in half but how do you explain falcons fans actually spending sixteen percent more on food people are buying a little bit more when you buy as well as people who typically just avoided and that's part of the reason stadium vp mike gomez tells me the entire concession stand experience is now the industry standard in two leagues we were they were down dick number one across the falcons and major league soccer those fans surveys include quality and speed of service which goma says they're still trying to tweak jay black wsb wsb news.

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