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Welcome to the saatchi us. Thanks for having me on all the way from dallas texas. Are you a football fan. Yes i am the cowboy fan american. Football right show Dallas cowboy fan. You're pretty much ostracized Half the reason. I ended up in taos actually the audible. And yeah i actually. I grew up in rival territory but grew up as a cowboy fan and then wanted to go to school out here in then stadium ever since file on outlived in texas longer than anywhere so now called home while may oh we're not football thankfully little about american football but we ought to talk about small businesses and you're from field pulse which is a job management after to give a bit of a bit of a run through the background on how you ended up where you yes so. I've typically more of a software and technology background. I'm so's dealing with software in different apps for small businesses in my previous work but israeli inspiration from dealing with different trades for my own home in seeing them not using technology and making mistakes or sitting on my floor in handwriting and invoice in. The math was wrong in an hitter. Redo it again. So i really wanted to start something that was focus. For the small trade businesses that was easy to implement design price for small businesses. Because i knew there are solutions for the larger end in the market but catered towards the smaller in as very mobile friendly. Because a lot of what you'll do is out in the field even if you owner manage a small business who typically out in about show. I mean it's such a great spice. This job management field management solution. These dyes enough. I feel like this. I mean united loads of them around. But i think the fact that people are using them as such a good turn of events for small business. Small tried businesses or any business to be honest. I mean Back with apprenticeships many many years ago now the all carbon copied Bulkin ray starry know those sort of things that was basically run the business and if you lost the race story you pretty much screwed. It happened on so now. Yeah yeah it seems like this is one of the last. Industries are really fully digitized. But it's happening in. I'm seeing loss brushing last two to three years versus five or six years ago. I'm i think it's just naturals. More people are using technology your everyday life other aspects of their business their their natural move in adapt. And so one thing. I really do like about. You'll software is that it obviously hasn't even aggression. With a lot of our audience is destroyed by salah battle be relevant but on. You're doing have integration with race plumbing supplies which is amazing..

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