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Your online sportsbook experts so i want to shift gears to a super important topic that i've been keeping my eyes on and actually i was thinking of actually going personally and visiting this very crisis and i got some advice from somebody i really trust one of the top financiers and one of the biggest critics on china he said charlie. Have you ever been critical of china. Uh i said yeah i i've been pretty critical. Chinese said do not go to hong kong. I said why not. He said they might not win. They'll have their eyes on you. You will not be safe in hong kong so the protests that are happening in hong kong right now is one of the most important things happening geopolitically on earth and so many of you have probably heard about hong hong kong in general some. You've probably heard of what's going on. We're gonna give you the straight facts right now and i'm going to tell you something that the hong kong protesters wish they had that they're totally and completely missing so first of all just fast facts about hong kong current hong kong's population right now seven point eight million people seven point eight million people so to put that in perspective <hes> that's smaller than the population of illinois just give i mean that's just about the population of a mid mid size state so <hes> they're not not huge population there. I learned they became a colony of the british empire. At the end of the first opium war in eighteen forty two followed by co loon. I'm probably mispronouncing eighteen sixty after the second opium war and the modern territory was completed in eighteen ninety eight ninety nine year british lease over the new territories which comprise eighty nine percent of the hong kong island silence. I just have to laugh for a second you sign these ninety nine year leases mr producer and you think they're never going to mean anything and all of a sudden the least comes up and guess what in one thousand nine hundred seven the lease was up and so guess what sovereignty over the territory was restored to china in one thousand nine hundred ninety nine year lease was up it it actually functions as a special administrative region hong kong maintains their own governing and economic systems separate from those of mainland china <hes> it it it. It's people tend to identify moore's hongkongers than chinese hong kong as a special administrative region an essay of china with executive legislative and judicial powers that are devolved from the the national government so hong kong. There's really not an american equivalent of this <hes> but i'm trying to think of what the texans often refer to themselves first as texans and actually the founding of the country. A lot of americans used to call themselves a you know i. I'm a virginian. I'm then i'm an american and that has over the years become unless of obviously a thing we we ourselves to be americans. They're not in hong kong when you have these really powerful kind of semi galactic empire type countries countries like china that are created you kind of have these external countries that are always just kind of a stick in the side if you will right mr producer of the country so what was is it for the soviet union was east and west berlin that was kind of their store in in the side of their soviet empire that they were trying to create and hong kong. Is that for the chinese yes. They've never been able to totally control hong kong. It's always really bothered them. Same with taiwan taiwan is just an eternal problem for the chinese. They think that they govern taiwan. The taiwanese want their own government their own structure. They don't consider any sort of <hes> allegiance at all to china so here's a really important thing and this is from a history st textbook says quote although britain transferred sovereignty of hong kong hover hong kong nonetheless maintained some institutions that were separate from mainland china such as legislator independent judiciary <hes> this framework known as one country two systems has existed for twenty two years but protesters and hong kong are worried that the proposed changes for the extradition bill would give beijing greater influence over the region before going further just some top line facts about china really quick china right now is america's greatest enemy right now. There's millions of muslims and concentration camps simpson china china's trying to take over the world. Our trade policies have heavily benefited china china's g._d._p. Is growing rather slower today than it used to be but generally very very very quickly. <hes> china has total goals takeover most the sub saharan african ports of entry around the world and as well in south america china. It has no freedom of expression for its individuals. China is a very atheist secular country china has contempt for the west and the more that we've trade with china china's actually become more more authoritarian and more aggressive towards the west and so here's a little bit about the extradition agreement that was kind of struck in february two thousand nineteen hong kong security borough proposed changes to regional extradition laws that would allow people to be extradited from hong kong to mainland china reuters reported critics feared the bill would undermine the independence of hong gongs legal system and put hong kong citizens and foreign nationals at risk by allowing suspects to be sent to mainland china for trial and that's from reuters protesters believe that mainland china per play a role in drafting law and order to gain more control over hong kong citizens and they're right hong kong chief executive carry land denies this claim protesters demanding demanding her resignation due to what they perceived to be dishonesty to her citizens and loyalty to beijing so you kind of have hong kong that is having seventeen seventy six moment mr producer so this is their seventeen seventy six moment they are literally flying american flags in the streets and singing the national anthem and i'm telling you right now we should do even more to support the people of hong kong china is evil country. China is a evil country. I'm so sick and tired of this quote unquote alliance that we have china not saying we have to go to war with them not proposing being that i mean there's a lot of evil countries out there. I hope podcast about how evil iran was and how we should go to war with them. I mean i've spoken time and time again about countries that are evil and countries that are not our friend that we should stand up against north korea's evil but i think it's good that we're talking to them. I think that for example in other contra i've been very critical love and mr producer you know this saudi arabia funded nine eleven fifteen and nineteen. The hijackers were saudi arabian. I mean saudi. Arabia funds madris's all over the world. Saudi arabia's is behind a lot of the rise of islamic tears which would award them just because i think china's evil does not mean i think which want again there's a distinction between the government of china and the way that the one point arana's the same way a lot of the people in iran are credibly liberal progressive people purchased a great. There are persons are great. They live under a dictatorial oppressive regime and a lot of the chinese. Can you get them on the street. They talk. You know very sensibly. They want more openness. They want more freedoms and the same thing's happening in hong kong precisely and so and so the demands of the hong kong among people are this they want democracy that universal suffrage so hong kong residents have the right to elect their own leaders through general elections without the intervention of the chinese communist government mr producer producer. This sounds like seventy seventy six the sounds like a petition to king george they want an autonomous government duly elected by the people so they can achieve the rights and freedoms. We have in the united states including living free speech and the right to keep and bear arms. Can you believe it. They want the right to keep and bear arms this extradition bill which started the protest to be complete withdrawn now. I have to take a step back and your this. This is guess what mr producer for those you listen to the trolley kirk show. This is charlie kirk show exclusive commentary. I've not heard this anywhere. This is charlie kirk exclusive commentary number one. Let's go back to the brilliance of the founding fathers. The founding fathers studied human history. They started the greeks. They started the romans. They said the chinese that's right. They started the indus river valley. This out of the addition of mashed potatoes about below means the as the mines the incas and they found us that human beings are rather predictable creatures that we will act in certain ways and that we we will time and time again unfortunately embraced tyranny and one of the best ways to prevent against tyranny is to have some capacity that there can be equilibrium within the the people and the rulers and mr producer. What did they put in place to make sure of that. Will they put in place to make sure that citizens this could be armed. Could you imagine right now if every hong kong protester had an a._r. Fifteen sitting at home all this this wouldn't be your protest. This would be what mr producer. This'll be a negotiation and i we were talking about. This and show prep and i take is is is brilliant honestly. This is the best argument for the second amendment. You're ever going to funny. It's an in the contrast between the new york times trying to rewrite our history and these hong kong this is real in real time <unk> clinging to the true story of our founding freedom fighters of the spirit of seventeen seventy six is alive and well in hong kong meanwhile. It's dead and gone in the new york times editorial editorial. It's totally dead and so right now. Imagine if every honked is the best argument for the second amendment you're ever going to find because the second amendment is not the hunt deer and it's not for personal protection those things these are important but what is the second amendment really about to fight government tyranny and mr producer every single this this really upsets because every time i say this on a college campus people say oh. There's no more government tyranny. You're talking about something that's ever exist right now. In hong kong there's government tyranny and people are standing up against it. There's hundreds of thousands of young people well that want freedom they want freedom from tyrannical government and for the leftists out there that are totally silent shame on you for the liberals in the meteorite. They're they're not covering this appropriately. I condemn you completely and categorically. Here's what's happening. You have these people that want what they want. Democracy they want freedom expression but what have i always said mr producer. There is no first amendment without the second amendment and you're seeing that against the hong kong people unless the west comes to their aid unless america says definitively. We stand dan with the people of hong kong. They're going to lose this. What are the gun laws in hong kong right now. According to section thirteen of up to thirty eight the firearms and ammunition ordinance essentially no no person shall have in their possession any arms or ammunition unless he or she holds a special license for possession of such arms ammunition or dealers licenses such items james. Those in possession of illegal firearms can face up to fourteen years in prison. Smuggling of guns is punishable by death. You are recommended by your club to possess essentially have to be part of a gun club. There's no private ownership of guns. Why is this the chinese government knew that if one million people in hong kong had a._r. Fifteen for example the gun the left hates all of a sudden. They wait a second. We wouldn't have protests. We could have a civil warner has now. I don't want a civil war. I don't want armed. Conflict understand is the reagan doctrine of peace through strength in a micro lens. This is peace peace through strength when a million people all of a sudden have negotiation power. They have no leverage so if the chinese bringing their military right now you know what it is. It's a hostage hostage. Situation is not a negotiation but if the chinese military walks into hong kong with their tanks and you got a million people they are fifteen waiting for you all of a sudden. You're like wait a second hold on we we might lose our lives here. We know we're not really. We love this guy but i don't know about this right now. They know that they're gonna be unopposed. The chinese military can go door to door and kill whoever they wanna kill they can go down whatever apartment building they want to that anyone getting in their way however with an armed citizenry it changes the entire dynamic of the conversation and changes the entire hire dichotomy of how the entire process happens instead of protesters trying to create attention against the citizens. They're going to be treated as equals. They'll be treated a sovereign beings because there will be the imbalance that happens when there's no armament of the citizens is so remarkable and cannot be ignored. This is the argument for the second amendment and if hong kong embrace the second amendment for the last hundred years and older citizens were armed like the israeli citizens were armed and the swiss citizens were armed and the american citizens were armed my goodness they wouldn't have this china would say yet. You can have your own hong kong. You can do your own thing. You can have your own separatist government. We don't want a civil war. We don't want an uprising. We don't want carnage in the streets. We don't want we don't we don't want to lose one hundred thousand people because these hong kong people are ready to die the ready to but they don't have the ability to die. They're just going to die as smarter as victims but if you have the ability to shoot back and they're coming with tanks and they're coming with guns good luck trying to to to try to quell the kind of rebellion absolutely i think i think the on on the whole electoral argument for the second amendment point of having the guns is so you don't have to use them this ended of course that's what i'm saying and and look the chinese are kind of smirking because they're like well. If we bring in the military we will and if we have to shoot a couple of people we will but they're not gonna shoot back because they don't have guns they know they don't have guns because they put these ordinances in they know.

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