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Goes all right. You're going to hurricane rana. And i'm like i can't do a hurricane rod. No worry go off. The ropes will do a sidewalk slam. Just flip your legs up. I'll do the rest. And i'm like ok. Sure enough in the match we do the sidewalk. I've let my legs up. You put them on. And then g toro's me at does the front clip up at it. Just look up as care. You generally took care of you. All he looks he made me look so good. I won the match on sunset limited. I would over the face But one part of the match. That didn't go well. It looked great. But then go out for me. Was you into the outside and And then we were gonna do a suicide dive. Basu's sita and so i go in. I jumped through the through. The lower robe was more of a low pay sousa and not my job. That's that's scalpers. Can't take credit for that so i do a low suic- but i had so much adrenaline going. They jumped way to our way too far and he was like oh shit and he and he starts backing up to catch me any backs up. He catches me. Take another two steps and then falls and head. Like nails the guardrail. Just bam just nails the guardrail. No blood but the next day. Raw like so vaster. The cat get hit by malik Massive long on my head i could. I could almost picture doing that. But except i wanna see you do it like an aws. I want you to be in the dark order with a math. I want you to be like Like sixty six. Whatever number you're going to be the case may be and you know excalibur yelling low pace hassida of while. You're yeah no. I'd probably be like point. Five point five point five in the dark order which would make sense. 'cause my wrestling nave for my very first and only match was a half pint man. I could see that you can work on his half fine but yeah zone experience. But i got a little better my body. I the guy that actually got me with the wrestling school with we would do like we do stuff for high school a like a they blank on the name like when you do. Something in the whole school was in the gym. Whatever but but like we do these performances are show would always do wrestling. We knew frog splashes we do stuff. I ran for vice president of my school. i only did it to skip. That's the only reason why didn't didn't wanna win. Didn't care was going to be that guys. Like i'll get soda machines in every classroom. So yeah i. I was just going to do it so i can do a skit in front in front of all school assemblies. That's what they're calling on. The word spirit week is like that. Yeah so i did get in in. The skit ended up throwing my buddy off the risers through table. She was salvager. Allowed you to do that. We should allow us to. What's your skin about. Where like you know. Some jokes a there'll be a wagon involved at some point mentioned. Nothing about the table threw him off through through. You landed the table perfectly so much fun. And then the the one of the greatest gigs. I ever got Was okay saas platelets when you do a show when you tv show in there. And there's a live studio audience There's always someone who has the job of the audience. Warm up guy right right or if you saw the show crashing with pete with all his job one point was the audience one guy. This is the guy or girl who's a comedian whose during the commercial breaks during the during the time not filming. They're keeping the audience entertained and they do this through stand up. They do this through games. They throw out candy and stuff like that like their job. Keep the audience up to thirteen. So show comes back there at a high energy level. It's a really hard job too because you can't necessarily do stand up because you're starting in stopping necessarily know you're starting or stopping sometimes think you're going to have three minutes sometimes are like hey ravitz trouble with the mike. So just keep talking. Allan talk there are like fifty twenty thirty minutes like you don't know how long you're doing so just give us give i. I got a call to do. They need an audience. Warm person on the show hulk hogan's wrestling with celebrities. I yeah yeah. That's todd bridges and all yes. Emt yeah yeah. Rodman was on it. I remember we use the term celebrities really lightly Yeah it was. Dennis rodman Todd bridges screech r. I p A nikki siri siri. No nikki's era Frank stallone danny bond. Do like these are the kinds of people that were doing all kogas wrestling with celebrities and i got to the audience warm guy but it was during the wrestling taping so there was a wrestling ring so i would go out in the wrestling ring of our item people up i would try moves. I ended up doing six one nine. Which i think we a nickname the three eight you know but but yeah like i did a six one nine like i've learned how to do that. I had this thing where a buddy of mine the same buddy that we would do. Assemblies together He started heckling from the audience. I called him in. Like you know what you can do better. You get this rig and he'd come to. The reagan started telling horrible jokes on purpose. The audience started booing him. Laugh at and he took the mike turnaround. Hit me in the head with it. So now we started doing a match and it ended up with me doing the frogsplash off the top rope and the referee told me we're gonna do this. Run slides it counts one-two-three the place goes they're going crazy and whole cogan than light. Kohl's us up to the announcing booth where he's doing a brother you guys are like the wrecking crew out there. That was the greatest thing. And i have a picture with hogan on my desk and the look of joy on my face i cannot do okay just like it's so it's so happy it's funny you mention every we try to do that. We try to do that over here. We promoted. I and i know he wanted to incorporate comedy wrestling and we did a kind of the this thing where we stand up in a ring before they had a A meet and greet with billy gunn and faruk. And ron simmons nice and i was there. Mc i was. I was having some material to go with and stuff like that. And i actually tried my first set in the ring for like five minutes. The crowd not having it. They were not. There's like where the fuck is the wrestlers. We don't give a shit about comedy and my on my daughter. She had to be about seven. At the time i tell. How do you think daddy she goes. You were.

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