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It's America in two thousand nineteen except it wasn't, you know, it's Americans when you do fi plural of dufuses you do fi trying to proclaim that this was an actual verified hate crime. When it turns out, it was complete nonsense from the very get go. Journalists were jumping the gun like crazy. They were jumping the gun because it backs their gender. Their agenda is Trump supporters are bunch of racists, bigots, homophobes who stand around on street corners with nothing better to do again, my favorite detail in this whole thing is that the two guys who apparently coordinated with small it apparently his friends who were with him on empire and one was personal trainer. And all this. Apparently, those two guys could not find a mad the hat inside the city limits of Chicago. So they had to go to the local hardware store where they bought the robe is called the crafty beaver. I kid you not they went there. And they bought rope clothesline and they also bought two plane red hat's because they couldn't find maga- hats in the city of Chicago. But we're supposed to believe that there were two guys running. Around shouting this country. Yeah. That makes perfect sense. Okay. We'll get to more of this injustice. Second. Plus there was another crime that took place the same day as Jesse smallest. But you've not heard of that hate crime. Have you? I will explain why first let's talk about daily wired how you get the most of this show. So right now, you're listening to the show, but you could be watching all three hours of my radio show when you become a subscriber your life will be vastly enriched by the ability to see every detail on the show from relevant news clips and photos, this astonishingly handsome, put him and been so cute. Not only do you get my show. You'll also be able to hear from prominent conservatives like Andrew klavan, and you also get the execrable Michael Knowles. If that's something you're into the entire daily wear team has its finger on the pulse of the conservative movement will keep you educated and informed on the most newsworthy.

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