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Yellowstone national parks getting a new research and monitoring tower the 59 put tower will be built and funded by a national science foundation project aimed at studying the causes and effects of environmental change the park says the tower won't significantly harm the environment in construction scheduled to start in late fall the science foundation's u s national ecological observatory network plans to use the tower for thirty years it will produce data about the impacts of landscaping changes climate change and invasive species and the data will be made public china's movie ticket sales rose thirteen point five percent in 2017 china's official news agency citing data from china's film regulator says domestic ticket sales totalled fifty five point nine billion yuan or eight point six billion us dollars last year the top grossing title was the domestically made action picture wolf warrior to which took in five point seven billion yuan or eight hundred seventy five million dollars china's film market is narrowing the gap with the top market the united states where last year's domestic box office because estimated to have declined two point six percent from 2016 to eleven point one billion marijuana shops in california have been ringing in 2018 with their first sales now that recreational pot is legal in the state workers at the harbourside marijuana dispensary in oakland welcomed in their first customers california voters in 2016 made it legal for adults twenty one and older to grow possess and use limited quantities the marijuana but it wasn't legal to sell it for.

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