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Oh this has. References to a pass case of hers. Cool. We'll tell you about that case from that other book and it's like it's really really nice because you're like just kind of waiting into the water like okay I'm comfortable. I'm comfortable here even though I'm a new person. I could totally see bat and those references don't feel too inside baseball. There's somewhere that need to be explained that are for the for the for the plot of this story, and there's some things that are just kind of references to things that have happened in the past which they actually the they're more than just a wink wink to regular readers. To kind of your appetite to read more I WanNa know about some of those stories. Yeah. You want to know about those stories, those cases, those characters everybody's very in depth and none of them. The men none of the women supernatural human in these books are paint by numbers they're really -ther. And I should say to one thing I always really admired about these books. Now, we have the poly-amorous connection, but there's been a lot about sexuality and sexual orientation and gender. Really really cool stuff. That I really love to read about you guys know we talk about stuff on the show all the time, and especially for me having read these characters for so long when I first started reading them when I was in my teens there was not a lot of books that were talking about You know so many different types of people and way to ways to identify and ways to have sexuality, and it's really really cool that it's like something that was kind of foundational in that sub genre. And also urban fantasy in general. Let's just kind of kind of categorize it as that they're really you know we hate to be to contrite about any John Rica's things blend, but she is also one of the pioneers of that and if you like a bad ass woman detective who can execute supernatural naturals and navigate crazy worlds and all of that stuff you you definitely have to thank Laurel K Hamilton for that she was foundational in having that energy in books. So can I tell you a little bit about sucker punch sure. So just Kinda give everybody you know what are what are we going to get you here with the story? One of fellow US Marshal Asks Anita Blake to fly to a tiny community in Michigan's upper peninsula on an emergency consult she knows time is running short when she arrives there's plenty of proof that a young wear leopard killed his uncle in the most gruesome and bloody way possible as the mounting evidence to him a warrant of execution is already underway, but something seems off about the murder and Anita has been asked for her expert. Opinion on the crime scene despite escalating pressure from local cops and the family's cries for justice for their dead. Patriarch Anita quickly realizes that the evidence doesn't quite add up time is against Anita as the tight knit community is up in arms and it's fear of supernatural is growing she races to uncover the truth and determine whether the marshals have caught the killer or about to execute an innocent man all in the name of justice it really is a murder mystery I was not expecting that we like I said, usually the books there's. Something, like that, there's a murder mystery. There's a there's a, there's a body in town or something like that. There's a really good plot, but a lot of her books are centered around really good mystery. You can't beat that. We love mystery we do love mystery. So for our readers who have not been introduced to Laurel K Hamilton and the to Blake, who do you think should be picking this up of our listeners to read it. I'll man that's a toughie because it's obviously going to plug it. My Heart Street is a little bit. A series that I've been with for so so long You know, honestly, I think that these books do have quite a mass appeal I think that men would like them. Women would like them. Non Gendered folks would like them human supernatural. So Everybody I mean jump in. Now jump in at the beginning you know like figure out where you WanNa get in and just give these books at try and being credibly entertained and I for a lot of people they love it when a series has a lot of books for them to devour and why not try one. That has you know twenty seven novels. There is something to be said about falling in love with a series and already having a whole lot of stuff to dig into. It's hard to give an appeal score to a series. That's successful. That's this this big. I think that this has a broad appeal I think that for for those who are not into anything supernatural at all the you know this, this might not have it but man if you like supernatural at all. Yeah. Out here normal supernatural. into creatures and there's so many great I wish I could say the word can. I. Say the word if you're like me stupefy can't say it either. But if you're like me, you should and you have you're like me, you haven't picked up the series even though you've probably heard about it for decades just pick it up, give it a shot and I don't hurt. It's not GonNa hurt you and you don't have to. Start from the beginning if you don't want to really as someone who's only read this book, Go ahead and pick up this book. I. Think I think that you will I don't think that you'll regret it. Now I can flick could hurt can't hurt anything can only help you and just look at where we've come to. Since one thousand, nine, hundred, eighty, three you know like people who've been readers for a long time like us. An older you know things were different books were different in the nineties and the eighties in the seventies, and especially as someone like me who's other favorite authors Stephen. King Anne Rice you know you see cultural shifts and it's a little bit of time capsule when you read books that by authors that stretch such a huge period of time. But if you like paranormal supernatural creatures at all and especially when I was gonna say it was with the with the like throats the where people there's better words for this I mean th th rope Syrian throats is now the politically correct term we use in the books. There's all the different big cats, lions there's hanging is there's rats there's there's a wear animal for you. There's a wear animal for you are maybe being an animators more your styling, you WanNa, raise the dead perhaps you vampires fuel of Vampires why the hell have you not read any Anita Blake books. Alright. So I think without further ado, we've got to get into this very, very exciting interview with Laurel K. Hamilton. The we are so humbled that she graciously did a little call with, US. Scott. What talk a little bit about there's some tech stuff if why we had a few technical difficulties with this interview, you will notice a change in audio about halfway through. The audio quality is still good but I apologize for the for the degradation in audio in the second half I mean the world's an imperfect place and you know sometimes it just is what it is. But like we said, it's still as good in the content is frigging fire. So that's all that matters. Without much more further further ado the Johner junkies are proud to present Laurel K Hamilton. Enjoying, the show leave us a review. You can find us on Instagram at johner junkies will as genre junkies don't calm. And now back to the show..

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