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Big time the and i stand up and lovingly and then ingest but So he had like an issue. Anyway we re decide okay. We're gonna meet in front of the hotel sunday morning at ten o'clock lol drive to the little local south bend airport non-road in will dump two cars jumping up so as i'm coming out there's jay on time matter of fact always early. He's already blown out of the garage. It's freezing cold. It had been snowing bill. I'm getting my car. Bill is walking around the parking lot with the key thing like this looking at all these hotel parking. All the cars look the same. They're all lama rental car. So i didn't. I'm pulling out. Bill is still going down every breath. It's freezing Built getting getting. So what are we looking for. But he's idle. No it's white. You know it's a taurus. Whatever we drive by car. I said by any chance renewed here thursday night. Did you have a couple pops at dinner at their aparicio's leave your car at somebody brings you. Yes yes. so we're turning. Restaurant is car is covered license ninety. Couldn't like couldn't get in of overeating. Was sitting there trying to bangel so to the point about you know being the first one that did he is in a lot of time. Who's just totally an inside joke. Which is probably professional. But we come on the air. Monday night welcomed marquette blah blah blah connecticut in marquette. I'm sean mcdonough. Along with jay bilas and the star of dude. Where's my car mastery. You know it's like no one. No one has any idea what that means. we did. But i'll back but just how that's tremendous I know you know loved by everybody where he got the final four gig At a as i say them all. Nobody's commish more in their eighties. And you bibi. Which is a joke figures in his early seventies bucket to get that opportunity. I was so happy he wins. The sports emmy know it's like he didn't even know he wanted call immediately. Changes the subject to something else you know. He's the best. I miss working with him a lot. Yeah that's a great story. I appreciate on yet. I have had him on. I've had them on. And i said that so fast. He had a great moment with him. Cbs had it was before the tournament. Cbs always has breakfast. With all the announcers. Play by play in manhattan. And i was talking to him in i in and i sit rates yes for sure and i said too i said to raft. Is there any way you'd ever join twitter. And he said no. And i'll tell you why he said because i'm afraid i'll have ten drinks at night and then tweet something in lose my job and that i i tweeted that quote and people could not get enough of it. I mean it was just typical. You know the epitome of bill de the do twitter but he's the best at all just an example on the we do does the final four obviously now with jim nance grant hill tracy wolfson and they i been doing international feed. Espn has the broadcast rights. For the rest of the world matter of fact that gonzaga play was on espn on one hundred countries around the world but not united states so they get access to at the final. Two players coaches the production meetings sitting the moon. Talk we we don't know sometimes we leverage our friendships with these coaches..

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