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He played Oliver pike in Buffy the vampire slayer in one thousand nine hundred now that's the movie. That was my favorite of his movies. And I remember, well, he's great. And I remember. He was at the height of his nine. Oh, two one powers when he started his pike, the Slager love interest of Buffy and Josh Weeden joss. We I always say Josh every time I mentioned his name. It's joss joss Wedenesday one thousand nine hundred Buffy the vampire slayer movie that serves the basis for the hit TV show of the same name didn't make any money though. Now, here's this weird thing. I I've never gotten in. I never got into Buffy the TV series never gotten either. I never got into it. But it's it's it's odd that I didn't get into it. Because. As I've mentioned before many times on this on this show. I have a tendency to love things that thirteen year old girls. Love in terms of TV. Like, Felicity, Gilmore, girls, mardi five my so called life. Pretty little liars. You know, I just have a tendency to like that stuff and this was aimed. I mean, you know, and I love vampires, and I love horror, and I love chicks kick ass. So I should love this show. And I've tried many many times and over the years. You know, like the circle of friends that I have had over the years all love Buffy like all love, the TV show and have have tried to get me on the Buffy train for many many years, and they're like what you're not watching the right season or you're not doing, and I've watched a lot of Buffy the vampire slayer, and I just don't like it. But I really like the movie. And I don't know if that has anything to do with the cast or I like the cast better. I like Kristy Swanson more than I like, Sarah, Michelle Gellar. Paul Reubens, isn't it? I mean for God's sake. You know, what got me Donald Sutter rules. Don't someone is the king. That's so for me watching that movie. Yeah. First place. Well, he, you know, no. And Luke Perry was great in it. Luke Perry was really really good in it. And so, but yeah, I never really got into the series, which is just. All right. He was also he was also Jeremiah colts are in Oz. And I do remember that. Luke Perry was revelatory in the gritty HBO prison drama. TV show is a preacher incarcerated for embezzling funds from church. He was really good in that. He was really really good. I think he's a prize a lot of people in that. And then Fred Andrews in Riverdale. At the time of death Perry was filming episodes for Riverdale the CW teen drama based on the Archie comics Perry start is Archie, dad. The likable owner of a construction company. I think that's pretty good casting. I gotta say now, I didn't watch Riverdale. I know there's another show that I know a lot of people who love. But I think that's great casting. You're gonna you're gonna make a CW show aimed at teenagers. And he cast Luke Perry come on now. That's very smart in in a multi generational kind of casting right there. And then of course, Dylan McKay in Beverly.

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