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And your workers safe during this time. The hardest thing is you know unfortunately having to make decisions about in some cases staff where you're having to reduce the headcount which you out some we do not want to do unsuspecting the people that you have to sadly To leave shrinking down the size of the collections. Shrinking down the size of the teams. It's been trimming of overheads wherever you can do it without reading too painful but it has been painful because it might fifty years. I have witnessed the law but this one is completely totally worldwide. Very complicated time only way you can do is just hope the doing enough to not closed down but everybody happy and gets me thinking a lot because i like you. I love what i do. I've been doing what. I love for so many years that i almost forgot what it's like to not do what i wanna do everyday. I feel like when it's your name when it's your company and things don't go as well it hurts you more personally emotionally rather than if you just clocking nine to five and you just want the money and you don't really care about the overall institution and what's your best piece of career advice. The career advice. She's not go. Keep your feet on the ground. Nobody cares how good you use to be. Walk ease your point of view. Yeah that's a lot coming from you too because designers Somewhat ego driven much like in the media and entertainment. Yeah let's say no ego. I think that's actually really good advice. Especially if you're industry because people get so wrapped up in it. yeah. Sony fashion is no. It's not heart surgery or were helping out in a war zone in you know we have to take it seriously. We employ of people. But you can be light hearted but proper and then finally the most important sentence every day is.

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