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Prince Alphonse Rivera. Yeah. Yeah. That's right. That's right. See now. No, that's quality. Yeah. But you don't need that high note at the end of it. Oh, come on. Oh, police complain about everything. Yeah. I know because I'm not rich. And I'm not smart. So I got no shot. I would agree with that statement. Thank you this. This study comes in the wake they studied basically kids from kindergarten through the wake of college admissions studying kids all through their lives, and it makes sense, right? If your parents are wealthy if you're a dim bulb her parents aren't going to say, oh, no, we're going to stop giving you they're more likely to set you up financially or set you up with a with a cushy job that you weren't really look at Laurie Laughlin. Yeah. That's my that's exactly where I was going opportunity. Right. Or when what is that ridiculous headline that said, oh self made billionaire KENDALL Jenner enter she's not self made. Are you kidding me? She didn't come. Up out of nowhere. And do that finally had to admit that. That was just. That's exactly right. I think it's I think it's a fact that she self mayo. Yeah. Does she grew up in poverty? Right. I mean, there was only three million dollar house. She grew up. Oh, yeah. Right. Right. Yeah. Her mama jer. Yeah. It was a poor single mom in all seriousness. The the poor brilliant kid if you add determined to that you win. I was going to say, do you think that that level field know, sometimes, that's that's hard? Right. But it's can be brilliant. But if you don't want to do with it, right, but access to its access to education, it's access. That's why my kids going to play lacrosse lacrosse players. Take care of themselves. They all wind up with these rich jobs back east, and they all played all played on these teams to get. I swear I mean, true true. True, tennis golf pick. Right. Right. I'll play softball softball shape. That's how I make my money. Mo money. You were you a.

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