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Authorities in Jeffersonville township still looking into the cause of last night's fiery crash along I ninety four that killed one person and injured five others. Police say that traffic was slowing in the eastbound lanes to exit twenty three mile road last night when they were struck from behind by a semi several cars were engulfed in. Flames of that section of. I ninety four eastbound was closed until about three thirty in the morning. Number of local auto repair shops have been closed down by the states of the secretary of state office, issuing cease and desist orders or closed discount tire and auto repair on east Warren in Detroit certified auto center on joy road in Detroit. Doba enterprises on west Warren in Dearborn Nassau auto trading on Michigan avenue in Dearborn. CNS auto parts and sales on Grasset in lenox township. And my town auto in Highland Park. Among the issues were violating mechanics certification requirements failing to maintain. Records and not a hearing to business hours. We have a complete list of all of those shops that have been mentioned here on our website. Just go to WWE j NewsRadio dot com. Well, you may have heard before that your blood pressure naturally goes up as you age, but researchers from John Hopkins University say it's more about your lifestyle. They studied to remote communities in Venezuela. And they found that the one with a more western lifestyle that consumes processed foods had higher levels while there was no age related rise in the other community. Doctor Joan Crawford is a cardiologist with ascension McComb, Oakland and meet a lot of patients that say it runs in the family, and I'm still not so sure if the blood pressure runs in the family or the way the family eat and the amount of exercise they get is just a commonality we should try to be normal weight for height. The American Heart Association defines normal blood pressure is less than one twenty over eighty a free thanksgiving celebration today at children's hospital in Detroit's. It.

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