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And your video you did a full did a full walk around and he brought it out your test track and you had your your team out there as well. Your test driver started off with with the drag racing and as you can imagine it's impressive right. It's all wheel drive. it's i guess three motors. Are they all three motors or they were four motors ever in an models. No i mean. The plot is the first three modes of seagull. One of the front two. Okay gotcha What was the previous one. Single motor or dual motor. Now they being a couple of those ever asked with a single. I forget now but basically the choice today is either to motors wheel drive but decided to his old three on okay and it's putting down two thousand twenty three thousand twenty holes. Paul claiming thousand twenty horsepower. Do i. I don't know how recalculate torque on those things. But what is the sort of the translation of of torque. I believe the talk is around. A thousand and fifty. Okay a pound street and say it's a different kind of token lots an instantaneous. Talk as well we just kinda heightens the feeling of power or fitting performance. And how did you guys end up doing in the quarter mile the videos out there. You guys should definitely watch it. 'cause it's good to deep dive into this vehicle but go ahead and tell us how how you did out there. Yeah i mean again. This is where we get into. Tesla's approach to pr if you like You know most manufacturers porsche particularly will tend to understates the performance pipes. Teza tend to go in the opposite route. They had a real headline claim for this would do zero to sixteen point nine nine seconds and this is what was being bandied about on twitter. Is the fastest Travel time and edison debate about the brain market. The moment but i'll give you. The remark is not cheap. Overproduction call on city isn't isn't isn't been delivered yet so now. The plot Montel tesla claimed the hubbub point nine nine seconds zero to sixty and cool to rain at nine point. Nine point two nine point two three. I think he was at about one hundred fifty five nine point two three two hundred fifty five. The challenge with that is that tesla did two things won't be included rollout. Which is something that happens in drag racing but doesn't happen in the real world so we never include rollouts and secondly they used a prepaid survey so they basically used a prep dragster right so they gave you. They went to a drag strip and they basically said we. We brought the car here. And we all know anybody's looking at these numbers knows what what that means. It's a drag strip so we know there's a bit of a rollout we know that it's it's it's a stickier track. There's rubber down. There's the you know the the track is prep for it. So you know it's an aggressive number. I agree with you like why. Why advertise the the drags turnover. But i guess in some. I guess dodged it right with the with the Demon right they're like. Hey know in drag strip form with with the tires and skinny in the front that you can buy. That thing runs nine. I guess my point would be it. The demon was very set up as a specialist. Call drag strips that other the plot is basically being set of his everyday kalsa the driving around the city. But i take your point. So i can give you our figures if you like i would track. He's basically i felt as you would find it on a a a normal straight. We do measure. We calculate the Give you that. But we don't tend to quote that because it has no rollout on the high street so we hit zero to sixty in two point three quarter mile in nine point full at one hundred fifty point eight so basically we were just about three. Tenths down Plane but if you factor in the roll out because we can calculate shit rollout was with point two four of a second so we're basically a ten slow than tesla but where on a on a proper straight surface. so yes. we're slow then tiso. But he's still astonishing. Figure i i tend to. You're talking about a tenth at these speeds. That's that's impressive. Impressive for tesla's claim and impressive for recreated as well and you know impressive for for your driver to to to nail that number. And i just out of curiosity obviously. The video needs to be edited to to make it entertaining and time constraints. How many times did you run it. I mean was it. Was it within a tenth or two every time or or or not so. The video is actually did. I think you've seen the film of the actual testing jonathan. We had a gopro running all his pace. He's run and his reaction is extraordinary because he said that. The test drives quite narrow of course. Won't she got one with all at once. You get above a hundred everything. You've got to feel the vision barrows anyway and as we actually tastic way better than mine. I was noticing the film but his reaction is ten times better than mine. Just an also you can see the adrenaline. I mean he's he's a pretty bill guide. You can actually see the kind of the muscle death grip on we all going. Yeah we can come onto the yolk in a minute but But yeah i mean we were. We were just like again while mahathir tense behind tesla's quarter and one hundred fifty one. I'm what's interesting is most eve as a very fast off the line but they once she get above like sixty miles now. I mean they start to tail off in performance. This thing doesn't just keep pulling and pulling and pulling and we did do a series of a series of runs didn't suffer too much degradation when we took a drag racing which is another film that we wish we could talk about that. We did feel a bit of a performance drawl as the challenge. Went down is day went on. We did stop to notice that it was quite pulling as hard as its holiday house. But you know crazy crazy figures and the fact that it is accessible as basically like a thousand bob. Dole's call talking about the trx. Will you saying about coming off the highway Springs the other way he can. You know it's a handful and you know you put your foot down the trx cacophony of noise squirming around a little bit site with a super climate flournoy even something like at mci. You'd very very visceral experience by conscious. A lot of noise a lot of movement everything else just squats goes so i think people would get into trouble with this thing because we really have to recalibrate your brain to understand how she going and what it's doing because he's also i freight there's plenty of grit and you have to go through this whole process before you can actually do a rub. They call trump salvage kills. The batteries took seven minutes before he actually was ready to go that he Itself on the suspension into what. They call cheat them. There's a whole alava. Batavia ended up a drag strip way on a normal diet would be a disaster. Because she'd be there on the line for ten minutes with like everybody getting super pissed off behind you.

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