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The immigration debate the victory the big political victory yesterday for the president uh and the and the republicans who have lots of reasons to feel very good about about winning the shutdown incidentally this is going to be a lot of political capital that was gained for the midterm elections don't don't kid yourself about how many points republicans scored with the democrats caving in the way they did yesterday but you've got to hear this megan kelly you know meghan is a very polarizing figures she was a very successful at fox news left fox news to go to nbc with her her show um after the today show and one of her first interviews which was with jane fonda and it was awkward because jane fonda appeared offended at megan asking jane fonda about her wellknown plastic surgeries jane fund is talked about her face lifts for years and megan kelly brought it up and and frankly jane fonda was a jerk about it would you really have to ask about pass now at wired and apparently jane fonda now keeps taking jabs at megan kelly well megan kelly finally jabbed back on her show yesterday and did she jab back in a big way first of all here she is explaining the whole controversial time to address the poor me routine hirszon context fonda was on to promote a film about aging for years she has spoken openly about her joy and giving a cultural face to older women while the truth is most older when women look nothing like fonda who is now eighty and if on a really wants to have an honest discussion about older women's cultural face than her plastic surgery is tough to ignore fonder herself knows this she knows this and that is.

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