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He says most of the co host don't seem to catch them but they're always kind of under his breath and whether or not he intends them as jokes they still make me laugh more than he may think but anyways listen and you won't regret it yea yea. I rated it. Thank you should do more cher. Why not you know <hes> all all right second year. Everybody making sure to harry's future ahead. Oh here's one <hes> that's nice. This is from. I will never fail you. Wow i'd wait. Are you responding branding or the. I will never fail you. Wow no. It says i will never fail you underlying mark. What do you call that underscore underscore. Wow do you need the mike southward southward glass fan. Maybe and they say can't live without it lately. My this is kinda. <hes> get your your heartstrings ready. That's not that's not the same tune lately lately. My life has been kind of rough adding going through a number of different podcasts to try and find a group that feels authentic and fun and not so super and not super quote unquote studio sounding just normal everyday friends that make you feel like you're part of their group and the film buds is that and more they're very sweet and funny not to mention smart and knowing their stuff. I honestly like it when they just drift off of movies and talk about random things in their lives or other current events events go henry and chloe never stopped making shows heck start a second podcast. Wow just what we did yeah. We did things just unclear. He's just do more. You're doing great and i hope you have plenty of listeners because you deserve it. You'll have helped me out a lot close losing so thanks for the the ratings everybody and make sure if you haven't yet what are you doing. Lou would go on their on their and rate us subscribed. Tell your friends to rate it. You know we'll even if they don't listen yeah. I guess who yeah who cares man sure not me so so yeah i again the film buzz podcast. is working reach us at and so yeah thanks for the email fan of sororities now the <hes> proud of you and so yeah i guess we can end off with our picks of the week yeah ye chloe. Would you like to start. Yes maybe but if i'd done can't remember remember okay father and i watched inglorious bastards we watch for the best he's made a. I can't recall the film festival hits. He's picked five d._v._d.'s for us to watch that all have one time in hollywood okay. He was really sad. The whole time we were watching bush bastard twos waiting for the flame thrower he did predict the whole movie theater thing because of multiple times hollywood hollywood. Please like where's the flame thrower but he loves the b._j. Novak was he loves novak. Yes anyway anyway such a good movie. It's such a good movie it is it's all good when my favorites yeah wow. Is it so good. Yes it's amazing. Also i love that you that <hes> my favorite what's name daniel bruhl. Yes i love the the plot flop with his character. Oh but he's like so like famous mainly charming and like so sweden stuff hair yes nazi but then also he's not sweet ryan because he gets violent which like i appreciate which sound weird but you you know what i mean. I'll waco fad at kia. What that's what the incredible. It's such a good movie yvonne. It's so good been watching euphoria. I've only seen the pilots afar but it's really good yeah. It's really upsetting. It's lucky i start watching because leo loves it. I wanted to mention that to you love that you're gonna and watch it. It's so good it is good. It really like emotionally draining it is yeah but it's shot in such a fast fast navy really cool way like very creative. I just need creative filmmaking slightly jerry jenkins. Some of the absolutely is like buried. Jenkins and edgar wright mixed together which like you and now it's solid and <hes> i'm finally so i thought sunday was a real <unk> watson..

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